Burning Sands

Sundance Review: Burning Sands

Last year, the Sundance Film Festival premiered Goat, a sobering tale of fraternity hazing. There is surely more than one story of hazing and pledging, and Burning Sands tells another one from a unique perspective, and a bit more subtlety than Goat. Zurich (Trevor Jackson) is pledging Lambda Lambda Pi with four others (five before […]

Jessica Jones Exclusive: Susie Abromeit On Auditioning For Jessica

“You can’t really argue when it makes your boobs look awesome.” – Susie Abromeit, Jessica Jones The show may be called Jessica Jones but there are so many fascinating characters in every episode orbiting around Jessica (Krysten Ritter). One of those characters is Pam, the assistant of uber lawyer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss). Pam has […]