Pokemon Sun and Moon Details.

Details about the newest Pokemon games have been announced. And just like we assumed, the names are Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Other than a release time, being holiday 2016, there wasn’t much else announced. Nintendo did announce that you will be able to transfer Pokemon from Red, Blue and Yellow version of the game […]


  My biggest gaming guilty pleasure is Pokemon. I picked up Pokemon Omega Ruby the week it came out, and I always love checking out independent Pokemon projects (When they aren’t shut down by Nintendo). When I first heard the news about Pokemon Uranium, I just had to check it out. The guys over at PokemonUranium.com […]

Is Pallet Town In Sims 4?

I don’t know how much more Sims 4 news I can take. First it was the satirization of iconic movie and TV show characters, and now we are going to parodying iconic gaming references. We’ve just confirmed that Pallet town has now been created in the Sims 4, and when I say it has been […]


For many people, Pokemon is the ultimate in video games. For others, fighting games are the ultimate in video games.   But what if there was a  fighting game that featured Pokemon?   No, I’m not talking about Super Smash Bros (although that is a really good fighting game). Game Freak just announced that they […]