SDCC 2014 Hall to implement new pass system

San Diego Comic Con.


For some, it’s the mecca of all things entertainment. It’s the where where you get to see not only the newest previews and promos, but celebrities ducking in and out of the halls. But with increasing numbers every year, it seems, something has to be done.


The San Diego Convention center first tried to just…expand the convention center. And for most of the the early 2000’s, the convention center just added a new extension to their already massive convention hall.


But for whatever reason…probably because of space issues, the San Diego Convention Center stopped growing physically. It started to fill the already limited space and soon tickets stopped being sold at the door. In short time, the tickets started to be sold out online…in hours.


And it impacted everything in the Con. Even the infamous Hall H, where stars like Robert Downey Jr. roamed around in his partial Iron Man armor, people have started to camp out just for a chance to see the newest nerd-ish trailers and high profile panels.


Now Hall H is implementing a new wristband system called the Toucan Tracker.

(Sounds like something for a cereal…)


Still, here’s how it works, according to the official site:

Wristbands will be distributed for Hall H ONLY. These wristbands are not guaranteed entry passes. They will be used to gauge the length of the line for Hall H.

You must have a badge or badge barcode to be in line.

Wristband distribution will begin in Plaza Park as people get in line but will stop at approximately 1:00 AM, resuming again at 5:00 AM at the spot where the last wristband was given out.

You will need to have a wristband in order to enter Hall H for the first panel of the day only. If people with wristbands leave the line for the first panel of the day and more seating becomes available, the room will be filled with the first people in line who do not have wristbands.

These are not meant to be entry passes, but a marker for attendees in line. As always for Comic-Con International lines, if you need to leave the line for any reason, be sure a member of your group remains in line or you will lose your place in line.

Wristbands cannot be sold, saved, or traded.

After the first panel of the day loads, the wristbands will not be used and the line will proceed as normal.

The wristbands will be in four colors, each color denoting a section of the line. The first quarter of the room capacity will receive a certain color, the next quarter another color, and so on.


These are not the official SDCC Hall H wristbands.


Theoretically, it rewards the people who started to wait in line and gives them a guarantee into Hall H according to the color wristband they got.


Exactly HOW this will pan out is going to be interesting.

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