Disney Infinity.


It’s the game that Disney released to compete against Sony’s Skylanders. It is Disney’s ultimate toy box. It was a bold concept; combine cartoon, live action, and CG characters and allow them to co-exist in one world. In addition, players could create their own world using pieces obtained by playing the adventures a la Minecraft. And with a delivery system using plastic disks and plastic-molded, beautifully detailed models, it was a dream come try for Disney-philes.


But with the acquisition of Marvel, Disney has now expanded into a universe that would make a comic book nerd’s wet dream come true.


And that’s Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes


Today at San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that there will be an actual release date for the game: September 23.


And if this isn’t enough to get your wallet sweating, here’s some images:



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