Big TWITCH.TV Announcement! (Update)

On Thursday August 7th, 2014, Emmett Shear did and AMA (Ask Me Anything) on If you don’t know what Reddit is, it is a massive discussion board. Each different board is called a subreddit and there is just about a subreddit for anything.


In an AMA, people post questions that they want answered and the poster, in this case Emmett shear, will answer some questions.


In short, Mr. Shear reiterated that has no intentions of scanning live streams for copy written audio. This is purely VOD (Video-on-Demand) based. Twitch will not be flagging original video game music. That means if the music is an original soundtrack to the game, it will not be flagged but, for example, the game you are streaming uses music that is in Audible Magic’s database, then it will be flagged. In cases where they mute a VOD that does not contain music that is in Audible Magic’s database, they will un-mute it when it comes to their attention, I.E. you make a complaint. They are working on a solution for the 2-hour max for highlights. This is a big problem with the speed running community. A speed run is exactly how it sounds. People try to beat games as fast as they can. This typically takes over two hours. Exactly why Twitch is looking for a solution at this point. In the future, they plan to lower the mute time from 30 minutes to something something more reasonable. They are currently talking to Audible Magic to work out some sort of fix. They also mentioned “Host Mode”. This is a way for bigger named streamers to start helping out the little guy by hosting the lesser known person stream on their channel for more exposer.


Thats all for now. Keep up with to stay up to date on the changes with

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