Gamescom SONY News: Day 1!


Gamescom day one has just wrapped up which means there has been some major news announced today. Gamescom is one of the bigger game conferences out there taking place in Cologne, Germany. With the rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, now is a critical time for Microsoft to either catch up or fall by the wayside

Microsoft took the stage first with the annual press conference. They made some pretty big announcements. Of course, in good old Sony fashion, they answered back with some big announcements of their own.



PlayStation 4 reaches 10 million!

In just nine months, Sony has managed to sell over 10 Million PlayStation 4’s!!!! This is an amazing feat. What a way to open their conference!


“The Tomorrow Children”

“The Tomorrow Children” is a 3D game from Q Games. On the surface, it looks like a bigger version of “Minecraft”, but it is so much more than that. Players team up to build what looks like a civilization to fight a dictator. Check out the trailer here.



Mike Bithell announced a game called “Volume”. He went on to say that “Volume” is influenced by “Metal Gear Solid’s” steal. Check out the trailer here (credit GameTrailers).


“DayZ” coming to PS4

Being as vuage as possible, Dean hall of Bohemia Interactive took the stage to announce that DayZ is coming to the PS4, without stating a release date, or window. Lets hope this actually becomes reality.


Of course, a large portion of Sony’s press conference was spent talking about destiny. According to GameStop, “Destiny” Is the most pre-ordered IP of all time. That is pretty impressive.

destiny_by_ecodigital-d5vuqdx“FarCry 4” key system.

Back at E3, it was announced that you would be able to play “FarCry 4” even if you didn’t own it. Just as long as you played with a friend that owned a copy. Well, it may not be what you think. This was explained during the Sony press conference. If you buy “FarCry 4” on PlayStation 4, you will receive 10 keys kyrt that can be given to your friends on PSN. Your friends can redeem these keys and will be able to play co-op even though they don’t own the game.
As with everything, here is the catch. Co-op will be limited to only two hours of gameplay per key. These co-op sessions will not contribute to single player either.


PS4 Firmware 2.0 coming.

YouTube integration is coming to PS4. In the 2.0 firmware update, PS4 users will be able to upload game clips straight to their YouTube channel. The biggest feature coming though is Share Play. Share Play will let you share your controller virtually. What that means is if player A owns a game and need some help, he can ask person B for help. He would share play with him and player B will be able to play his game, as long as both players are PlayStation Plus subscribers. This will even allow for cooperative game play. The non-game owner will have to download the game first.


Have you ever wanted to play a have as a human? Well too bad. That’s the norm now. Thanks to Wild Sheep Studios, in their game “Wild”, you will be able to play as a human…or any other living creature inside the game. If you think it sounds cool, check out the trailer here.

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