Stan Lee has a penchant for appearing in Marvel movies. For the most part, it’s been a trend, though he hasn’t appeared in ALL of the marvel movies (see…well you can’t see him in X-Men: Days of Future Past). Still, it’s entertaining to note that he makes cameos, despite the fact he hasn’t been associated with Marvel since the turn of the century.


But viewers were surprised to see Stan Lee talking up an alien hottie in James Gunn’s recent Guardians of the Galaxy cameo. It was funny, and a bit off-setting, but definitely funny.


However, this isn’t the way James Gunn originally wanted.


Gunn tweeted on Instagram in his #GOTGpicoftheday today his original vision for Stan Lee’s cameo. Here it is:


Yes, it appears Lee was to be an exhibit in The Collector’s assortment of myriad artifacts and creatures. In his note, Gunn reveals that Lee was to give the middle finger to Groot.


It’s also noted that this IS NOT Stan Lee, for you astute observers. It’s a double…however, Gunn’s plan was to digitally superimpose Lee’s face onto this guy, creating the cameo. But for creative reasons and for fear that this would take people out of the feel of the movie, Gunn decided to nix the scene.

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