I don’t know how much more Sims 4 news I can take. First it was the satirization of iconic movie and TV show characters, and now we are going to parodying iconic gaming references. We’ve just confirmed that Pallet town has now been created in the Sims 4, and when I say it has been created, I mean it has been created. Pallet Town is the home of Professor Oak and eight other people. It only has three buildings, but that makes it perfect for the Sims. The builder of this was very careful with everything, considering he built it on a 50 x 50 lot. I guess that scale feature comes in handy. Can’t wait til’ the wave of “Famous Buildings” comes into play. My favorite will be the Taj Mahal.



pallet 1

pallet 3 pallet 4

And here is a shot for reference.

pallet 2


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