Reddit, the amazing forum website, loves to show off the presents they get. With that in mind, i went there this morning to see what amazing presents people got. Below are some of the bet gifts i found on the website along with their users.


Game informer table

/u/alain471 Gave his mother some of his old Game informers. he made a table out of them.

Giant sword

With the username /u/Zellmccloud, we can only imagine how happy he was to get this gift.

Playstation gituar

/u/Funkoid got the gift of music and an iconic gaming console. Pretty awesome. Now to find an amp made out of an xbox.

Playstation PJ

/u/Mikeyblu has a sister that works for Sony. Now he never has to change.

Same gift

/u/espeebz and his significant other bought each other the same gift. Does this count as ironic?

Wii stand

Nothing to see here. just /u/Phantom5800 new wii.

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