Generally, headphones can be a tricky thing. I’ve been an audiophile for a long time now. With christmas over and my Beats by Dre headphones on their last leg, i decided it was time to finally buy another pair. I wanted to get a good bluetooth pair, but being short on cash, I couldn’t justify buying anything $100+ right now (but I definitely plan on it later). So, I decided on buying a pair of Bluedio HT Shooting Brake. For being $29.85 on Amazon at the time of this writing, I honestly didn’t expect much. When I received it in the mail, I was honestly shocked at the quality of the product.

bludio 1

The Bludio HT Shooting Brake

You are greeted with a well designed and snug box. Upon opening the box, you see the headphones them self, a charging cable, an AUX cable (in case you don’t want to drain the battery of the headphones), and a small booklet with instructions on how to pair them to any bluetooth device. Right out of the box, my first thought was “There is NO way these will fit on my head”. Thank goodness I was wrong. I am a bit of a bigger guy with a HUGE head, but these headphones were still able to fit on my head comfortably, so you should have nothing to worry about. bludio 4

On the left ear cup of the headphones, you have all your controls. Volume is independent of the volume of the device meaning if you have the volume all the way turned up on your phone, you can turn the headphones up and the music will get even louder. You have a play, pause, fast forward and backwards wheel to control the tracks playing.  You also have your power/sync button. The pairing process was a lot easier than I expected. All you do is hold down the power button until the blue light stays on. Then, on your device, you go to your bluetooth menu and pair the H bluetooth signal to your device, whether that be a computer or your iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

bludio 3

The audio quality of these headphones is honestly shocking for what I paid for them. I listen to a little bit of everything, but the majority of my phone holds hip-hop/rap music. The lows/bass is amazing. You get that real iconic bass that is so often associated with hip-hop. The highs shine through very well, but can sometimes get lost or sound muddy at times. This happens enough that I feel I should mention, but isn’t a deal breaker in my opinion.

One worry you might have is the range you can walk away from your device without the sound cutting out. Well, i left my phone on my computer desk and walked to the other side of the house, which is about 150 – 200 feet and i had no problem with audio cutting out, or static noise on the headphones. Of course, everyones situation is different. The signal will be affected by walls an such like that, so your results may vary.

bludio 2

My only major concern with these headphones is the material they are made of. The majority of the headphones are made up of this plastic that feels like it will break if I’m not careful with. This might just be me, seeing as I am a bigger guy. On the bright side, this is the ONLY concern I have about these headphones.

All in all, with my couple hours I have messed around with these headphones, I would suggest these is you can pick them up for under $35, but I don’t know if i can justify them for their full price of $79.99. If you are between headphones, or if you just don’t like spending a lot of money on headphones, I totally suggest the Bluedio HT Shooting Brake as long as you can get them under $35. You can pick them up Here.

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