This film released at the most opportune time.

Blackhat could not have come at a better time, especially after the hacking disaster Sony felt just a few weeks ago. Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis.  It’s not a film that will teach you how to be a hacker but it definitely will teach you that hacking can wreak havoc across many platforms.

We meet Nicholas Hathaway, (Chris Helmsworth) in prison.  Just so happens that an explosion caused by a RAT, using code that had originally been written by Hathaway and now FBI agent Chen Dewai when they studied in college together.  After realizing the code is half his and half Hathaways, he asks for Hathaway to be released from prison to help catch Blackhat.  Carol (Viola Davis) of the FBI makes some calls, and after a few negotiations, Hathaway is out of prison and on his way to helping find this code writer, who’s code is so jumbled its easily distinguishable from what they had previously written.

The code that is being used is purely for monetary purposes.  The BlackHat just wants to make money, and his first explosion in China was just a test for something more grand and destructive.  Without giving away spoilers, Hathaway and Wei Teng vow to catch him.  Speaking only on phones, a time is set up and the only way to end this is to take him out.  And not in a cyber way.

Overall this is a film that will keep you wondering right till the end who is this hacker, what does he want and why does he fight so hard to keep it all.  It will hold your attention as Hemsworth and Davis deliver excellent performances.

A must see!




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