Interview By Fred Topel


When Starz brought Outlander back to the Television Critics Association, I asked the Twitter fans for questions for the cast and producers. Knowing I only had a little time with everyone, I saved all the practical questions about the show’s second season for Ron Moore. Outlander returns April on Starz for the second half of season one, with some updates on season two below.

Nerd Report: When will season two air?

Ron Moore: I don’t think we have an air date yet. We’ll start shooting season two in May. We’ll be shooting in Scotland until around February and I assume we’ll be on the air sometime in 2016.

Nerd Report: Have you cast Brianna, Roger, Bree or Lord John Grey yet?

Ron Moore: We’re casting. We haven’t cast them yet but we’re looking at tape. We’ve been looking at tape for a while so it’s an active process.

Nerd Report: Are the Wentworth scenes going to be even more brutal than the Jamie flogging scene?

Ron Moore: Yeah, I mean, they’re different obviously but they’re pretty difficult and pretty challenging, and it’s spread across two episodes as opposed to just being all in one episode. So yeah, it’s pretty tough stuff.

Nerd Report: Did you ever consider following season one directly in the timeline, or are you going to follow the books and go to 1968?

Ron Moore: Well, we’re playing around with the structure of that right now but the second book is structured in a specific way and I think it does work, so we’re going to follow that template pretty much.

Nerd Report: Are Sam and Cait in the series until the end?

Ron Moore: I hope so.

Nerd Report: What are they actually drinking in the booze on the set?

Ron Moore: Oh, it’s all iced tea and colored water, because they have to do a lot of takes. We couldn’t get through the day otherwise.

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