The guys over at Latino-Review seem confident that we’ll be seeing Spider-Man in the Phase 3 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

If you’re not really aware of what’s going on backstage, let me enlighten you a bit.


Back in the 80’s-90’s, Marvel was doing really bad as a company. Many of their major artists were leaving to a new companies like Image and Valiant and gimmicky comic book issues (aka hologram covers, paper bag covers, variant covers, etc.) were getting old and expensive. So in a desperation move to save the company, Marvel sold the rights to their biggest franchises to Fox. This includes X-Men, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Deadpool, etc.¬†Marvel also sold the Spider-Man rights to Sony.

Real collectors got all 4 covers of the same comic!


Yes, this cover was made from a paper bag...
Yes, this cover was made from a paper bag…

Fast forward a bunch of years and movies later, Spider-Man as established itself in the movie world, X-Men had at least 3 movies in their X-Belt, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe was starting to make an impact. Unfortunately, with the movie rights of the more iconic characters in other studios’ hands, it was impossible for a crossover unless a deal was made. At the time, Sony and Fox had an iron grip on their franchises and it appeared they were never letting go.

Credit: The Geek Twins
Credit: The Geek Twins

Now, here in the present, the MCU is becoming the movie juggernaut. All of the MCU movies had this…intertwining that few movie franchises ever had. There was continuity within the MCU. And people loved it. Not only that, the movies themselves were written well, directed well, and made their money back in spades. Even the not-so-popular MCU character movies were watched, just to see the continuity connections.


Marvel was back, in a big way.


But Marvel wanted their franchises back from Sony and Fox. Sony decided to start playing nice¬†and in the leaked Sony hack, it appears as though they’ve reached a deal, though nothing was certain.


But the guys at Latino-Review seem to think so. Not only do they think this is going to happen, they are already predicting Spider-Man to show up in the already-announced Avengers: Infinity War. They even go on to surmise that Captain America will, in fact, die (as he did in the comic book universe).


But is this true? It certainly seems as though Sony could benefit from a deal with Marvel and there are news bits out there confirming a 25% inclusion should there ever be a Spider-Man in the MCU.


But what about Fox? Are they planning on giving up the X?


Sources say this relationship is no bueno. So much so that Marvel is putting the kibosh on merchandising rights by disallowing X-Men, Deadpool, Fantastic Four, and Wolverine toys to be created (has anyone seen these things recently?). Marvel has even started to “kill off” their beloved characters in an attempt to squeeze out Fox to make a deal.

Deadpool-leaked-test-footagewolverine black

But will Marvel and Fox ever make up? Will Marvel get back its house in this bloody divorce? Discuss.

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