If any of you have seen the anime Attack on Titan, you’ll note that this is a show that is like no other. It’s downright blunt in its brutal drama about a medieval-ish world where humans live in a high wall city to protect them from man-eating giants known as Titans.


But to live in that world would be just…scary. Imagine hiding from Titans, looking around every corner, trying to find a way to safety. Destruction is everywhere and the only humans that can help you are being caught and eaten, one-by-one.


Would you be in that world?


The guys over at Real Escape Game have made a fully immersive puzzle game system that has people bouncing around a stadium trying to find clues to escape. Granted, it’s not large man-eating Titans chasing after you, but it can be a great Attack On Titan-themed day out for a lot of you anime fans.


The great news is that Anime News Network and CBR are both reporting that the traveling puzzle circus is coming to the US! If you’re in San Francisco on Feb 1 or in LA on March 21 (and a tentative New York in April), you too can go out and try and Escape the Walled City!!

(see what I did there?)


It appears as though it’s three separate events, each lasting 1.5 hours long with the solution revealed at the end of the sessions. Games will start at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30 PST and costs $30 for advanced tickets, $35 at the door.


Note that this isn’t the only event they hold. They have also held many other “escape” themed events featuring Evangelion and Detective Conan.


Get your tickets HERE (go to bottom of page)!

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