LA Apocalypse is a micro-budget disaster epic which first premiered on the SyFy Channel. Here, massive earthquakes begin ravaging the entire world, though for reasons obviously related to the film’s budget, all we see is what’s going on in Los Angeles. For most of the movie, David Cade is roaming the streets searching for his girlfriend, but she’s been taken hostage by a local gang kingpin, who contacts the helpless military with ransom demands.

I recommend the movie if your use to low budget features, as much, you know what to expect. Amateur acting performances along with meager visual effects. It’s all here in abundance so only one question remains: Is LA Apocalypse at least entertaining? Again if your taste is similar low-budget disaster flicks as in (2011’s) Snowmageddon, and (2013’s) Sharknadow, then it’s entertaining in that category.


How’s the Picture Quality and Sound?

Good, but meager visual effects-

Special Features Were Included?


And The Verdict Is?

It’s fun if your taste is similar low-budget disaster flicks-


Starring David Cade, Gina Holden, Christopher Judge, Raymond J. Barry. Directed by Michael Sarna, (83 min). Anchor Bay

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