Ladies and gentleman, being a lifelong Nicolas Cage fan, admirer and connoisseur is paying off. We get to debut the poster of this summer’s new Nicolas Cage movie. I’m now one step closer to my dream of hosting a screening of Vampire’s Kiss and moderating a Q&A with Nicolas Cage.

In The Runner, Cage plays a (Port of Call) New Orleans politician trying to lead cleanup of the BP oil spill, but since this is a political thriller, corruption and intrigue ensue. Given this poster shows Nicolas Cage buttoned up in a suit, we may be seeing straight dramatic Nicolas Cage rather than full on crazy Cage. However, we do see that silhouetted Nic running through the title words and an exploding refinery in the background, but I suspect that’s metaphorical.

Here’s the poster.


Cage has actually been doing some great work lately in scaled back movies like Joe and Dying of the Light, so dramatic Cage still puts on a hell of a show. I demand a filibuster scene. If he needs to stump for time, he can always recite the alphabet. We’ll find out when The Runner opens in theaters and on demand August 7.


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