In season one of Gotham, we got a lot of Fish Mooney. And now she’s gone, but I won’t proclaim her dead. This is a comic book series after all. So she could surprise us one day and make a comeback. She did scoop out her own eye with a spoon last season. Then returned with a brand new eye. So you can never count her out, even if you shoot her and push her into the bay. But for now, she’s gone, and that leaves Penguin in charge. Heads will roll.

The name of the episode is “Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do…”

gotham-1Is this season opener better without Fish Mooney? I’d say that it is, but not by much. It’s a bit scattered. As a rebuilding episode, a lot is thrown at us that will be paid off in later installments. The episode is dark, and a bit disturbing. And without divulging any specifics, I will say that we do see quite a few of Gotham’s infamous bad guys begin their turn to the dark side. And even Jim Gordon gets a little dirty, and it’s the kind of dirt that doesn’t wash off.

There were some great one-liners in tonight’s episode. “Sometimes the right way can be the ugly way.” That’s a quote that inspires Jim Gordon to make a deal with the Penguin, that triggers a chain of events, that ends with grown men singing the “So Long, Farewell” song from ‘The Sound of Music.’

And if that isn’t disturbing enough, Bruce, the future Batman, unearths a message from beyond the grave. “You can’t have both happiness and the truth.” And as a Batman fan, me thinks he’s going to take that advice to heart when he grows up.

We also get a glimpse of Arkham in this episode. Surprisingly, it isn’t a dark place at all, and it’s supposed to be. It is co-ed, and a little cartoony. Barbra lounges around in her zebra-striped prison pajamas, getting her nails done. Remember, she killed her parents. She’s appropriately crazy now, fixating on Jim and his new ladylove. And one of Barbra’s fellow inmates is that kid named Jerome, from the circus, who killed his mother last season. He is possibly the Joker. They never said, and they still aren’t saying. But he sure acts and sounds like him.

The episode ends with everyone in flux. Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are detectives again with the Gotham Police Department. But now Jim isn’t as squeaky clean as he used to be. The inmates are no longer in Arkham. And a trusted official is secretly using bad people for his own mysterious reasons, details to follow.

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