GOTHAM RECAP: The name of the episode is “Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh.” Last week, the police station was attacked and there was a death in the family. So this week, Harvey and Jim are playing “Bad Cop, Worse Cop” with potential bad guys, who may or may not have info on Jerome.   Jerome is the Joker-type dude who took credit for the attack, on camera. And while this episode wasn’t as action packed as last week’s installment, it still packs a punch.


Theo Galavan, and his leather-clad sister Tabitha, are the masterminds behind the Arkham kidnapping/escape. And they’ve got big plans for Gotham. That was a spoiler from two weeks ago, so catch up. Barbra also has plans. She’s using her feminine wiles on the siblings to forward her own agenda. Though she’s still got a lethal attraction to Jim Gordon. So someone’s getting played. But is it Tabitha or Theo?


Theo Galavan doesn’t want to be linked to Jerome, or the assault on the police, so he has to find someone to blame the Arkham escapes on. He wants to divert Jim and Harvey’s investigation. So he gets Jerome to frame someone near and dear to him. And Jerome does it without hesitation or concern for that person’s well being. It’s kind of ‘an eye for an eye’ thing. And it works, no one suspects the Galavans.


Lee, Jim’s girlfriend, is the Damsel in distress in this episode. She goes to a charity event and promptly gets taken hostage. Barbra and Jerome are at the event and put on quite a lethal show. Bruce and Alfred are at the event as well, and we finally get a glimpse of Alfred’s badassery. But’s it’s not enough to save the day.


Selena is at the event, picking pockets. But when the going gets tough, she gets going. Apparently, she’s the only one smart enough to know that the place has a back door. It’s a pretty obvious one too. She shows it to Jim Gordon, so he can make his way inside and attempt a rescue. But he’s out-manned and out-gunned, and has to turn to Bruce and Alfred for help. Then three things happen: 1) Barbra uses a mallet to knock someone out, ala Harley Quinn. 2) Someone’s throat gets cut. And 3) Someone has to die…


Every episode so far has been a game-changer, and this one in no different. The Penguin pretty much sat this one out again. But Harvey shows up at Penguin’s lair for a brief verbal showdown that will probably lead to something bigger later. I’ll sign off with a few words of advice from a dying blind man. “Your legacy will be death and madness.”


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