The Flash Recap: “The Man Who Saved Central City.” Remember that really cool cliffhanger last season? Well tonight the show has to pick up the pieces. It’s six months later, and the black hole, or singularity, that was threatening to tear apart the city, and probably the world, was stopped. And now the Mayor wants to thank the Flash, by giving him the key to the city. But Barry doesn’t feel like much of a hero. As we learn during the episode, he was NOT the man who saved Central City. Someone else made that ultimate sacrifice.


When we first see the Flash, it appears to be business as usual. But that turns out to be wishful thinking. The Flash is operating as a lone wolf now, doing everything on his own. Team Flash have gone their separate ways. Cisco works with Joe as a consultant. And Caitlin has taken a position with Mercury Labs, working with Doctor McGee. As for Doctor Wells, he’s still dead.


Though Harrison Wells does make a bid for redemption, from beyond the grave, doing two good things. First, in a video will, he leaves Star Labs to Barry Allen. So the gang gets to keep their cool digs, if they get back together. And second, he makes a confession in that video will that changes one character’s life forever. So the Reverse Flash wasn’t all that bad after all.


But how do you bring everybody back together, in a superhero show? You introduce a new big bad, and I do mean big. During Flash Day, while the Mayor gives The Flash the key to the city, Atom Smasher shows up wrecking havoc. He’s a villain that can grow to about 14 feet, if he absorbs enough nuclear energy. And he’s super strong and bullet proof. So people flee the scene running and screaming, pretty much ruining the Flash Day festivities.


Joe and Iris organize a superhero intervention. With Cisco and Doctor Stein, they corner Barry at Star Labs, and tell him that they plan on helping him fight this new foe, whether he wants them to or not. But Barry just super speeds away, still determined to do things alone. He thinks it’s the only way to keep them all from getting hurt. But the Flash ends up getting hurt, and almost killed by Atom Smasher.


Barry barely makes it back to Star Labs, before passing out. Then we see a brief, but moving, flashback with kid-Barry and Joe. That, and a private talk with Joe, helps him to see that he needs his family and friends, and BAM, the gang is back together, including Caitlin.


The Flash, and team Flash, devise a plan to stop the Atom Smasher. And this time he’s the one defeated. But before he dies, and yes that outcome was disturbing, he tells the Flash that he was just following orders. The real big bad is someone named ZOOM. But no one knows who that is. Then Jay Garrick shows up, letting them all know that their world is in danger. So rest assured, he’ll explain who he is, and tell them all what’s going on, in next week’s show.

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