There is so much going on with Oliver, Diggle, Laurel, Sarah, Felicity and Thea. You’d think they’d skip the boring flashback for once, but they don’t. Back on the far from deserted island of Lian Yu, Ollie has to fake the female worker’s death to save her life. And Oliver’s ploy works. Until his backpack is discovered with Amanda Waller tech inside. So apparently that blows his cover anyway. We’ll find out what happens next week. Oh no! I hope he isn’t killed. Oh wait, it’s a flashback, so we know he survives. Note to the CW, can we PLEASE stick to the here and now, it’s more interesting.


So who’s redemption does the title refer to? Is it soulless Sarah, the beast that Laurel keeps chained in the basement of her apartment complex? Or is it Detective Lance, the overly righteous cop who is now in cahoots with the evil Damien Darhk? I’ll just tell you. It’s both. Detective Lance has been a very bad boy. He’s in league with the devil. How do you come back from that? And we won’t really deal with Sarah’s issues until next week, when John Constantine shows up to put her wandering soul back in he newly resurrected body. So redemption may be beyond both their grasps, at least in this episode.


Now Detective Lance isn’t the only bad cop we see tonight. There are a lot of them. The anti-vigilante task force, that Lance initiated, has gone rogue. They steal drugs and sell them to line their own pockets. It’s their illegal version of a retirement fund. They know the City is going under, and they want to get paid! Felicity is the one that uncovers their lair. Sending Team Arrow to set up an elaborate Sting to catch them. But it all goes bad and they get away.


And speaking of liars, the Arrow team has a new one, and it’s snazzy! It’s below the office space that Oliver plans to turn into his election headquarters. If he runs for Mayor at all. Oliver finds out Lance is in league with Darhk and it breaks his spirit. He was the one man Oliver thought was incorruptible.


Detective Lance is going through some hard times too. Laurel takes him down to see Sarah and he ends up trying to kill her, to put her out of her misery. But he can’t do it. The sight of his soulless daughter, and the weight of his association with Darhk, almost breaks him. Then, as if that isn’t bad enough, the bad cops kidnap Lance.


These anti-cops need Detective Lance to gain access to a facility where drugs are held before disposal. They plan to rob the place. But Felicity is able to find them, even though her computers are glitching. But I don’t think it’s a glitch at all. I think it’s the Atom trying to tell Felicity that he really isn’t dead. Anyway, Team Arrow goes in and saves the day, rescuing Detective Lance, who then has to rescue Oliver. Restoring Oliver’s faith in him.


Trying to do the right thing, Detective Lance almost turns himself in. But Oliver stops him. He asks Lance if he’ll help bring down Darhk, by being the inside man. Detective Lance agrees. And Oliver, once again, is running for Mayor. There’s no good news for Laurel though, because when she goes down to the basement to bring her crazed Sis her prison chow, she sees that Sarah has escaped. Stay tuned.


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