This episode’s title,  “Mommy’s Little Monster,”  could fit a number of people. The monster could be Tabitha, Silver, Edward Nygma, or Galavan. But though all qualify as Monsters, this episode’s moniker refers to the Penguin. If you remember, Galavan kidnapped the Penguin’s Mother and he used her as leverage to make Penguin do his bidding. But that was last week.


This week, Butch leads the Penguin to where his mother is being held prisoner. It turns out to be a trap. Butch, Penguin’s brainwashed lackey, got de-programed by Tabitha and is no longer Penguin’s slave. So Penguin begs Galavan to release his mother, even if it means he’ll be killed. And Galavan releases her. But when she races to embrace her son, she is literally stabbed in the back. And she dies in the Penguin’s arms.


Galavan’s intent is to kill Penguin as well, but Oswald Cobblepot is a survivor. Though still angry and in shock, he surprises everyone by pulling the knife out of his dead mother’s back, and slashes Galavan’s throat with it. The cut isn’t deep enough to kill, but it does disarm Galavan enough for Penguin to make his escape by jumping out a window. And now the Penguin is in dangerous revenge mode.


Edward Nygma is dangerous these days too. Last week he killed his one true love, Miss Kringle. And now, in a split personality conversation with his cooler self, he finds out that the body is missing. His cooler self hid the body and left him riddles as to where to find it. The body is somewhere in the police station, and he has to find it before anyone else does. His first riddle leads him to the vending machine, where Kringle’s severed hand is stashed. The next riddle leads him to the Morgue, where he is able to find the body just before Lee does. And as he prepares to cut it up and dispose of it, you can tell he’s full on crazy.


Silver isn’t as nice as she pretends to be, and Salina knows it. When both Salina and Silver show up at the mansion, Silver lets her know that Bruce belongs to her. Galavan’s plan all along was to get Silver and Bruce together so she can convince him to sign over Wayne enterprises. And the plan is working. When Silver and Salina clash, Bruce choses to believe Silver over Salina.  He boots Salina out of Wayne manor, and his life.


Galavan goes to the Police and reports that The Penguin tried to kill him. They believe the lie and go looking for him. Jim and Harvey track down Butch, and go to him to find Penguin. But Penguin’s gunmen show up too and almost kill Butch, causing him to spill the beans about Galavan and what happened to Penguin’s mother. Butch handily escapes, but now Jim and Harvey know the truth about Galavan.


Unfortunately, now Galavan is Mayor, and he’s throwing a celebration party to wallow in his glory.   He has Tabitha and his goons on the lookout for Penguin. They’re aware that he might try something.  And he does. But Tabitha spots him and shoots, killing Penguin before he can disrupt the party. But the man she killed wasn’t the Penguin, he was a lookalike. In fact, Penguin has a whole army of Lookalikes and they invade the party.


It’s a massacre, and definitely not the party anyone was hoping for. A lot of bad guys, honored guest, and police are killed. And though the Penguin does get shot, he’s still able to make his escape. After the carnage comes to an end, Jim tells Galavan that he knows the truth and is coming after him. But Galavan isn’t worried. After all, he’s the Mayor now, the most powerful man in Gotham City. So what’s Jim’s next move? Stay tuned.



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