Arrow Recap: “Haunted”

Soulless Sara is running around Star City killing folks. It’s bad guys for the most part, but she’s also on the hunt for Thea, since she’s the one who killed her. If you don’t remember, Thea was brainwashed into doing the deed by her Dad, Malcolm Merlyn. And when Sara finds Thea, she almost rips her head off. And guilt ridden Thea is okay with that.


Of course there are flashbacks this episode, there always are. But at least these flashbacks are about how Oliver met mystical John Constantine. It seems everyone and his or her mother has been to the deserted island of Lian Yu. And John Constantine is no exception. He’s there to find a mystic orb. And he tells Oliver that Lian Yu is some kind of supernatural nexus.


Oliver saves Constantine’s life when an ‘Indian Jones’-like booby trap is sprung. And thus he now owes Oliver a favor. But before Constantine leaves the island, he uses the orb’s magic power to remove a tattoo from his arm and transfers it to Oliver’s torso. And needless to say Oliver isn’t happy about it being tagged. But Constantine assures him that the tattoo will protect him when the time is right. I’m guessing it will come into play against Damien Darhk in a future episode.


Back in the present, team Arrow lures Sara into a trap and sedates her. That’s when Oliver calls John Constantine to cash in on that favor he owes him. Constantine comes to Star City, to find Sara’s soul and reunite it with her body. It’s not an easy task. It’s a dangerous procedure, and John needs Laurel and Oliver to accompany him. They will have to go into the supernatural realm to help him do the job. They reluctantly agree of course, and before you can say pentagram, a spell is cast and they are seemingly propelled inside Sara.


Oliver and Laurel find themselves back at the Lazarus pit, with Constantine. Sara’s soul- self is still in the water. They have to fight demonic ninjas to get to Sara, and then they have to save her from the arms holding her under those magic waters. All before the spell wears off. Needless to say they do what needs to be done, and biff/wham/pow, Sara is her old self. Or at least we think she is, she pretty much crashes the rest of the episode.


Lance and Diggle work together this episode on an assignment Lance gets from Darhk. And in the process, Diggle learns some things about his dearly departed brother that he didn’t want to know. And Felicity discovers that Ray Palmer is alive, and in trouble, and really really small. But we don’t know where he is. Stay tuned!!!

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