Last week, Supergirl explained that the S symbol on her chest means ‘Stronger Together’, in Kryptonian. But this week, when she’s almost killed and cousin Superman shows up to save her, Supergirl gets super upset. Talk about your mixed messages. I know she wants to prove herself, and be her own hero, but when she’s about to be killed, an intervention from the Man of Steel isn’t a bad thing, is it?  What happened to ‘Stronger Together?’

In this episode, in a Cat Grant interview with Supergirl, she inadvertently blurts out that Superman is her cousin. So now everyone knows. Including the villainous ‘Reactron,’ who shows up to dole out some revenge on the Man of Steel, by killing his only living relative, Supergirl.

Supergirl saves a Bus Driver from an overturned bus, just in the nick of time. That’s when Reactron strikes. He can fly, and project nuclear energy beams via a special suit. And he also seems to be super strong. As he proceeds to dole out the damage on our Maid Of Might. He flies off when his suit is damaged. But the DEO won’t help out this time because he isn’t an alien. Reactron is a human with a super suit. Which I guess places him out of their jurisdiction.

Back at the office, Cat is planning a big party to celebrate the big release of her exposé on Supergirl. We see more of the Kara and James flirting thing. And Kara’s best friend Winn commandeers an abandoned office, and turns it into their secret Supergirl war room. It’s where Kara, Winn, James, and sometimes Alex, can go and work as Team Supergirl. Side note: James blabs that Clark Kent is Superman, a fact Winn didn’t know. It’s called a secret identity for a reason, so that’s uncool James Olson, that’s very uncool.

Reactron kidnaps Billionaire, and Super-genius, Max Lord. Max is the Lex Luthor of this show. Reactron needs Max’s help to fix the suit. This is a job for Supergirl, if she can only find the guy. And luckily her, bug sister Alex is willing to go against the DEO’s mandate and help her out. They locate Reactron and Supergirl sets out to have a conversation with him. To see if he will come to his senses and stop the madness. But Reactron doesn’t want to hug it out, and almost kills Supergirl. But before she passes out from the pain of the nuclear attacks, she sees the red and blue blur of the Man of Steel, coming to her rescue.

Supergirl wakes up back at her apartment with Alex and James. Superman had other places to be. And instead of gratitude, she’s angry. James confesses that he called Superman with a signal watch, that’s a cool callback to the comics. And this really pisses her off. So much so, that she asks James to leave because he obviously doesn’t believe in her.   I mean, he called Superman for help, which is a no-no even if you’re about to die apparently.

But Kara can’t stay mad a James, and they reconcile on the dance floor, at Cat Grant’s party. That’s when Reactron strikes again. But this time Supergirl’s ready. With info she got from Alex and Hank, she’s able to defeat Reactron. Something even Superman couldn’t do.  So, while she didn’t need Superman’s help, she did need help, so I guess I missed the point of this episode.  Why is help from Team Supergirl different from getting help from her cousin?  Last week she gave James a lecture about not being asking for help. Anyway, at the end of the episode Kara is sideline when she goes to hang with James and he’s talking to his ex-girlfriend, Lucy Lane.  Stay tuned.

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