THE FLASH Recap: “Enter Zoom”

The Harrison Wells of Earth 2 has a daughter named Jesse. And in this episode, they drop a lot of hints that Wells’ daughter may be the hero Jesse Quick, from the comics. If that’s true, then Wells could also be hiding the fact that he’s a speedster too. It wouldn’t be the first time. Jesse Quick is a character from the comics that uses an advanced mathematical formula to replicate super speed, and so does her father Johnny Quick. It will be interesting to see how much of what we see in the show is inspired by the comic books.


Meanwhile, back on Earth One, Team Flash continues with their plan to lure Zoom into a trap. Barry talks to Doctor light and it looks like she may be down for being the bait. But she’s either lying, or gets cold feet. Because she uses her powers to bend light, becoming invisible. And she escapes, throwing a wrench in their plans. But all’s not lost. Linda Park agrees to impersonate Doctor Light, to bait the trap.


Linda Park, as Doctor Light, pretends to kill The Flash. The team believes that this will bring out Zoom. It doesn’t. Now Linda knows that Barry is the Flash, and the only one left in the dark is perky Patty. And I’m guessing that doesn’t bode well for her. They are pushing the Barry/Patty relationship pretty hard, so it makes me think there may be a reason for that.


Linda and Iris go back to the paper, after the failed attempt. And that’s where Zoom makes his move. He kidnaps the terrified Linda Park, speeding off with her. He takes her to the roof of Star Labs, taunting Barry. Then drops her over the edge. The Flash rescues her, of course, and then goes after Zoom. But Jay Garrett was right last episode when he said Barry wasn’t ready for Zoom.


Zoom is a monster. He trashes the Flash, and Barry is dealt the worst beating he’s ever received. Then Zoom drags his limp, almost lifeless, body all over town. His intent is to show the press, the police, and Team Flash, that their hero is a false God. The only fly in Zoom’s ointment is Cisco, who manages to surprise him, shooting Zoom with a speed inhibitor dart. It doesn’t incapacitate him, but it does force Zoom to leave Barry and speed away.


The battered Barry recovers, thanks to his accelerated healing ability, but he discovers that he’s paralyzed. He can’t feel his legs. That’s considered a problem when your superpower is mainly running. And as if that’s not bad enough, it looks like Grodd is making a comeback next week. So how is Barry going to fight a telepathic super-gorilla from a wheelchair? Stay tuned.


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