This episode centers on crazed Barbra, and showed a lot of promise. But by the time the end credits roll, we realize that it’s a whole lot of nothing. It’s typical comic book camp. The villain gets the drop on the good guy, but talks so long they give the hero time to break free and turn the tide. It happened in almost every episode of the 1960’s Batman series, and it happened again here tonight.


Theo Galavan tells unstable Barbra that it’s time for her to kill Jim Gordon. What could possible go wrong with that plan? Barbra shows up at the police station and is quickly arrested. Gordon interrogates her and gets nothing, then throws in a passionate kiss, in an attempt to get her to talk. It doesn’t work, but it sure makes his girlfriend Lee mad. I wonder if he’s going to try that on all the villains. Maybe he’ll smooch Penguin when he’s finally captured.


Barbra tells Gordon that she’ll talk, if he’ll take her on a little field trip. Of course he agrees, knowing it’s a trap. But he thinks he can control the situation. Of course Lee thinks this is a bad idea, but Jim Gordon knows what he’s doing. Until things go south and he falls right into the trap. Barbra, in her white wedding dress, has Jim tied up in the church she rented when they were engaged. And as if that’s not bad enough, Lee has been kidnapped and she’s there too. Talk about an embarrassing “I told You So’ moment. Your current girlfriend is tied up at your nightmarish wedding to your crazy ex-girlfriend. Yikes!


Meanwhile, out in the woods, Edward Nygma is preparing to bury his dead ex-girlfriend, Miss Kringle. He killed her a few episodes ago. Nygma packs a picnic lunch to enjoy at the burial site, but before he can cover his beloved with dirt, a hunter shows up, and he has to kill him as well. What a bother. And by the time he brings a saw back from the car to hack up the hunter, so he fits in the petite grave, someone has eaten his lunch. That’s annoying. So Nygma follows the trail of breadcrumbs to a little house in the woods, and he runs into the Penguin. So now those two are finally together, and equally disturbed and damaged.


What about Bruce Wayne? Well, he’s about to sign over Wayne Enterprises to Galavan in exchange for money, of course.  But it’s also for peace of mind. Galavan promises to right all the company’s wrongs, and as an additional bonus, he’ll give Bruce the name of the person who killed his parents. So Bruce can then go kill that person. Nothing wrong with that deal. Even if you overlook the fact that Bruce is a minor, and couldn’t legally sign over anything. But Bruce has a moment of clarity, and doesn’t sign the highly illegal document.


Back at the church, Barbra has been talk, talk, talking so much Gordon has time to use friction to break through his ropes and escape. The police arrive, thanks to Harvey, who figured out an obvious clue. And Barbra ends up racing to the top of the church. She crashes through the big stained-glass window. But Gordon grabs her hand before she falls, and begs her to hang on. Barbra lets go, after she tells him she loves him, and falls to her almost death. She doesn’t die, but she gets really messed up.


Barbra told Jim Gordon, while he was tied up, that the missing former Mayor is still alive. So the police go and find him sitting in a room with a big box locked on his head. Then Jim goes to Galavan and punches him in the face, and arrests him for the Mayor’s abduction. So that’s the end of evil Mayor Galavan. And as he’s being arrested, he’s probably wondering why he wasn’t smarter. And to be honest, we’re wondering the same thing too. Stay tuned.


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