After everything that’s happened so far this season, everyone is trying to discover their new normal. Oliver and Felicity are lost in Love, not knowing who they are in this new relationship. Sara is lost, not knowing how to deal with the after-effects of the Lazarus Pit, which also affects her relationship with Laurel and Detective Lance. Thea is lost in this new world without Roy. And Ray Palmer is lost literally. He’s only a few inches tall and he’s trapped in a small glass box on someone’s desk.


Felicity feverishly works to find out where Ray’s electronic distress call is coming from, forgoing food, sleep and personal hygiene.   She feels guilty for taking off with Oliver, instead of looking for Ray after the explosion. His body was obviously never found. And Felicity feels she was so blinded by love, she didn’t do enough to verify what actually happened to him. This makes her extremely cranky, especially toward Oliver.


The one thing in this episode that is ‘found’ early on in the episode is Oliver’s brotherly connection with Diggle. They’ve been at odds since last season, when Oliver kidnapped his wife. But now the bromance is back, and Oliver goes to Diggle to talk about his recent problems with Felicity. And for once, Oliver seems vulnerable, and possibly a little jealous. (Felicity and Ray Palmer were a couple for a quick minute) It also doesn’t help that Oliver arranged for Felicity’s Mom to pop in for a visit, adding to her stress.


Felicity and Curtis communicate with Ray, finding out that he’s being held hostage, and he can’t get big. They come up with a plan to restore Ray to normal size, once they find out where he is. They need to build some complicated Palmer tech. Luckily, Curtis is terrific, and he’s able to build the gizmo if they can secure the one missing part from Kord Industries. And when I say “secure,” what I mean is steal.


Team Arrow goes on a mission to steal the devise from Kord Industries, and Sara goes along. So now the team has two Black Canaries! But it isn’t a little too soon for Sara to get back into the game? I mean, she was just dead a few episodes ago. And the answer to that question is ‘yes’. The team secures the item, but Sara goes all rage-monster on one of the guards, almost turning a beat-down into a homicide.


Felicity, Oliver and Mama try to sit down to dinner. But there is obvious relational unrest, and that spoils everything. But later, Felicity and her Mom are able to have a heart-to-heart that is helpful. Felicity’s mom is fun. She’s very overtly sexual and she’s not as smart as Felicity, but she does love her daughter. She tries to understand what’s going on, but she can’t, and that’s not all on her. But she is there to do good.


Felicity and Oliver talk to Ray again, but this time, the bad guy appears in the transmission as he terminates the connection. It’s Damian Darhk! Now that’s bad news. But Team Arrow formulates a plan. They distract Darhk, using the Green Arrow as bait, and the others go in after Ray Palmer. Felicity and Curtis base jump into the building with Palmer Tech, while Diggle, Thea, Laurel, and Sara hold the guards at bay. Should Sara even be there given her condition? The answer is ‘no’.


Sara is back in prime fighting form, but she can’t control her rage. And she kills a guard. But Ray Palmer is saved, and thanks to Felicity and Curtis, he’s all grown up. Now Ray has been classified as dead, and he chooses to stay that way for a little while. And Sara needs some time off, so she’s headed out to see her Mom in CENTRAL CITY, home of The Flash.


Oliver and Felicity are fine. Both realize that they’ll have to work to find who they are as a couple. But it’s worth it. Thea agrees to go on a date with Oliver’s campaign manager, moving on. And though Detective Lance is upset he’s losing his little girl so soon. He’s met someone who might just take his mind off things, Felicity’s Mom. Stay tuned.

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