This was a great episode for Diggle. We get to see his wife Lyla, AND his brother Andy. But the bad news is that Andy was supposed to be dead. And last episode, Darhk gave Lance info on Andy that makes him out to be a bad guy. Team Arrow finds Andy when they raid Wolfman Biologics, the company that has ties to Damian Darhk. They’re looking for a drug sample they can use to help identify the ghosts. (Ghosts are Darhk’s anonymous masked thugs.) Diggle takes one ghost down hard and unmasks him. And guess what, it’s Andy. The brother Diggle thought he lost eight long years ago.


Diggle is understandably surprised, and Andy gets away. But Black Canary did get the drug they were after. Ray Palmer, the Atom, is helping identify the ghosts. Which is ironic because he’s like a ghost himself. Everyone thinks he’s dead. And he’s not looking to change that perception. Not right away. Felicity wants Ray Palmer to come back and take over his company, but Ray is doing a bit of soul searching. And he’s striving to re-invent himself before he jumps back into existence.


Captain Lance seems to have warmed up to Oliver, and Team Arrow. Bringing his dead daughter back to life probably helped mend a few fences. But now Darhk suspects that Lance has switched sides, and he no longer trusts him. So there will be no more inside information coming from that liaison. But Oliver has a plan. When Darhk offers to help Oliver’s campaign, he considers accepting, to get inside Darhk’s operation. But Felicity is quick to point out that he tried the same thing with “Ra’s al Ghul” and that went bad real quick. If Oliver accepts Darhk’s support, he’ll have to scuttle his ‘Save the Bay’ campaign, against his better judgment.


Speaking of Ra’s, Malcolm Merlin returns to Star City to give his daughter a present, a person to kill. Thea’s blood lust is acting up and he believes that the only cure is for her to kill again. But Thea isn’t looking to kill. Though when a jerk hits on her while she’s on a date with Oliver’s campaign manager Alex. Thea does jack the guy up up pretty badly. Not the first date Alex was hoping for.


Oliver wants to save Andy, but Diggle doesn’t think his brother is worth saving. He hurt his wife and child by faking his death, and Diggle isn’t sure he can forgive him for that. We see some great moments between Diggle and Lyla, Diggle and Laurel, and Diggle confiding in Oliver. But Diggle won’t change his mind. His brother Andy is dead to him.


Oliver believes in family and second chances, so Green Arrow, Speedy, and Black Canary, go on a dangerous mission to find Andy and bring him home.   Diggle isn’t on board. The mission goes south when Darhk shows up, but when Oliver is about to get shot in the head, Diggle pulls a ‘Han Solo’ and saves him. But he tells Oliver he didn’t show up to save Andy, he showed up to save his other brother, the green one. Yeah for the ‘DigOliver.’


It takes a battle, but they do find Andy, and he’s not happy. He goes toe-to-toe with Speedy, in and out of an elevator. And during the rescue a strange thing happens. Darhk catches Speedy and tries to use his magic mumbo-jumbo on her, but it backfires, hurting him instead. And for some reason that encounter curbs Thea’s bloodlust. So she turns to her father, Merlin, to try and find out why. And to find out if Darhk’s magic can somehow cure her.


Andy is now in a holding cell in the Arrow Cave. But when Diggle goes to get answers, he doesn’t like that he hears. Andy is cold and aloof, and pretty much confirms that he is the bad person Darhk said he was. Though theoretically, Andy could still be under Darhk’s control. Darhk makes his minions take a little yellow pill that ensures their loyalty. It’s a kind of mind control medication. So there is hope. Oliver, in a public press event, goes forward with his ‘heal the Bay’ program, symbolically telling Darhk he’s not for sale. So now it’s Queen verses Darhk.   Stay tuned!







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