This is part-one of the two-part crossover with Arrow, and it’s AWESOME. They really mixed it up. Most of this episode takes place in Star City. And tomorrow, on Arrow, the action moves back to Central City. The story catalyst is Cisco’s new love interest Kendra, who is attacked by the mysterious Vandal Savage. He seems to think she’s a reincarnated priestess named Chay-ara. The Flash is able to save both Cisco and Kendra, but Vandal vanishes, prompting Barry to suggest getting her out of town until they figure it all out.


Team Arrow is fighting their Big Bad, Damian Darhk in Star City. And thanks to a magnetic arrow, they appear to be on top of things. Until Darhk gets his mystic hands on Oliver and begins to drain the life out of him. That’s when the Flash intervenes, whisking team arrow out of danger. Diggle vomits due to super-speed motion sickness, and Thea realizes that the rest of the team knows the Flash, and she doesn’t.


At the Arrow cave, Barry and Cisco introduce everyone to Kendra. And they ask for their help keeping her safe. Oliver is a little snippy at first, because he believes Barry acted impulsively without knowing the facts. But they move the party to the loft and have a few drinks, and that mellows everyone out. Until Vandal Savage crashes the party and tries to kill everyone. The Flash and Green Arrow take him on, but it’s Speedy’s ferocity that turns the tide. They defeat Savage, but he just vanishes again.


Back at the Arrow cave, they try to figure out what happened. That’s when Malcolm Merlin and his Ninjas step out of the shadows. He gives them the 411 on Vandal Savage, he’s a powerful immortal, and he pretty much tells Kendra she’s a dead girl walking. Information she’s not happy to hear. So she exits to get some air, and Cisco follows. That’s a bad idea. Because, almost immediately, a man with wings swoops down and grabs Kendra, flying away with her.


In Central City, Caitlin and Harrison Wells are working on a way to make Barry as fast as Zoom. They come up with a chemical called Velocity 6. They ask Jay Garrett to test it out, to see if he gets his speed back. But he refuses. He’s kind of a jerk now. So they have no test subject. Unbeknownst to Wells, Patty followed him to Star Labs. And she tries to arrest him and ends up shooting him. Now Jay has to try the drug to see if he can vibrate his hand fast enough to pluck the bullet out of Wells, before he croaks. It works, and he can. But Jay claims the effects were only temporary. But like I said. He’s being kind of a jerk, so he may be lying. We’ll have to wait and see.


Kendra and the winged dude are on a rooftop. And we find out that the dude’s name is Carter Hall, but he calls himself Khufu. He tells Kendra that they are lovers, and have been for centuries. He claims that they both reincarnate after death, only to do the same dance over and over again. For some reason he always remembers, and she forgets. So he has to help her emerge; get her wings and get her memories back. But before that happens the Flash and Arrow arrive on scene to stop him, and a pretty nifty battle ensues. But Flash/Arrow are triumphant and bring the winged man down.


With Carter Hall in chains, they return to the Arrow cave. They grill Hall but soon come to realize that what he’s saying is true. Vandal Savage is linked to them, and has killed them 206 times.  And each time he grows stronger.  They also find out that Vandal Savage is on his way to Central City to procure an ancient weapon that will make him unstoppable.   So they have to stop him before he makes it 207 times.  That’s why Barry and Oliver take off for Central City. They find Vandal in a church, he already has the weapon, the staff of Horus. They fight. Vandal wins, and blows up the church. But not before the Flash super-speeds to safety with Oliver in tow.

Kendra and Cisco talk on the rooftop. And she admits that she always felt different growing up. So she decides she needs to find out who she really is. Kendra leaps off the roof. But before she crashes on the concrete, her wings pop out and she flies. Inspiring Cisco to name her Hawkgirl.


Now my only problem with the episode is the wings. On both Hawkman and Hawkgirl, they seem to just appear when needed, and then disappear. Hopefully in part two they will explain how that happens without ripping through clothes. But when they fly, the wings do look way cool.


Oliver calls Diggle and asks everyone to come to Central City. Vandal Savage is still out there somewhere plotting to kill Kendra and Carter,  and he wants the team together. This episode ends appropriately at Jitters. Barry and Oliver run into a kid with a Flash action figure. But when Oliver sees the kid’s Mom, he realizes that it’s the girl he knocked up a decade ago. She told teen Oliver that she lost the baby. But obviously she was lying. She was paid off by Oliver’s mother, and told to disappear. So now that Oliver Queen realizes he has a son, how will that news affect his relationship with Felicity? Stay tuned.

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