Zoom is back, and now we know what he wants. He doesn’t want to kill Barry. He wants to siphon the speed force from Barry, the same way he took Jay Garrett’s. Zoom has been sending all those Earth 2 Meta-bad-guys to kill Barry, knowing they’d fail. His plan all along was to motivate Barry to improve his speed, building up the speed force inside him. Literally fattening up before the kill. And Zoom wants Harrison Wells of Earth 2 to help him. But will he? Zoom is holding Wells’ daughter Jesse hostage, giving him leverage. So, reluctantly, Harrison Wells agrees and makes a deal with the devil. (My guess is that Zoom is Earth 2’s version of Henry Allen, Barry’s Dad. Wouldn’t that be a kick.)


Weather Wizard is back, and more powerful than ever. He breaks Captain Cold and The Trickster out of prison to help him kill The Flash. Captain Cold I can understand, The Weather Wiz owed him a favor, since Cold helped him escape last season during the prisoner transfer. But The Trickster is just a Joker Wannabe, and is more annoying than anything else. Hamill overacts and mugs for the camera. He was great last season, as a callback to the original 1990’s Flash series. But now they’re just stunt casting, jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon.


Captain Cold is growing a conscience, as they groom him for the new series, DC’S Legends of Tomorrow. He goes to Barry’s house and warns him about the threat. But he’s not totally good, so he doesn’t give any details, just a head’s up. Then he’s out. This is the plan. The Trickster dresses up as a creepy Santa and sneers as he gives 100 kids gift-wrapped bombs, and tells them not to open their presents. Then he blackmail the Flash, threatening to blow up the 100 bombs if he doesn’t let the Weather Wizard wail on him. So Barry endures the beat down to save the children. (I found it implausible that not one of those 100 kids would peek and discover they’d been given a bomb.)


Cisco and Jay Garrett work on a way to get rid of all the bombs before Barry dies. And of course they do. They find one of the bombs, then attach it to a drone and send it into one of the 52 rifts between worlds.   Somehow, that magnetizes it and the other bombs are drawn into the rift as well. Then they explode. Freeing Barry to vanquish the bad guys. Yeah, it’s a Christmas miracle!!! (Sarcasm)


This episode was such a dud. All 99 of the remaining gift-wrapped bombs were under Christmas trees INSIDE people’s houses. So how did they all get pulled out and into the void? Did they break through windows, walls and ceilings? We don’t know and we don’t care, because the entire premise was preposterous. How did that whole magnetizing thing work on the bombs and nothing else? Nothing’s explained. It’s just a bad story device. And frankly, as Flash fans, we deserve better.


During this fiasco, Iris FINALLY tells Joe that he has a son. If you remember, last season when she found out Barry was the Flash, and that Joe had lied to protect her. Iris made Joe promise that there would be no more secrets. But I guess that didn’t apply to her, because Iris has been holding on to this secret for a few episodes now.


Joe is floored to find out that he’s a dad again, and that it’s a boy. It takes him a while to process, but he eventually does go talk to ex-wife about being a part of Wally’s life. (His son is Wally West, aka Kid Flash in the comic world) She agrees to the meeting, since she is dying. But Wally isn’t around, which is fine with Joe. He’s still freaked and wants to take things slow. This gives Joe time to talk to Barry.   And they have a cool moment that involves Joe,  giving foster-son Barry, his Father’s watch. Passing it down from Father to Son. But oops, guess who shows up at the Christmas party unannounced. It’s Wally West. I hope Joe’s got another watch stashed somewhere. Stay tuned.


NOTE: Patty has a moment where she almost murders the Weather Wizard. It’s a revenge thing. He killed her dad years ago when she was a girl. And before he became a Meta-Human. But The Flash talks her out of it, so she’s all-good now. And she and Barry live happily ever after. Wait! That’s not how the story goes. So what happens to Patty next episode? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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