This is Supergirl’s Midseason Finale. So that means that is the first half of a two-part episode, and things set-up will not be resolved until 2016. So if you are not a fan of cliffhanger endings, prepare to be disappointed. The biggest ‘Holy Crap’ moment is when Cat Grant outs Kara as Supergirl. But lets face it, it was bound to happen. Cat works closely with Kara every day, and lately she’s become Supergirl’s chum. So it’s not weird for her to put two and two together, and finally figure out that the only difference between the two is a pair of glasses. So how will this color their relationship? Will Cat expect Kara to tend to her irrational needs at super speed now? Or will Cat finally show Kara some respect? My guess is neither. I think Hank Henshaw will use his shape shifting abilities to become Supergirl, so Cat can see both women at the same time. Quelling her suspicions. Lets see if I’m right.


At the end of last episode, ornery Aunt Astra plucked Supergirl out of the sky, with the help of a few super friends. But she doesn’t really want to hurt Kara, because she’s family. Astra’s just ready to hug it out so they can be friends again. The fact that she pulls a kryptonite knife on Kara is just her version of tough love. The kryptonite doesn’t hurt Astra because she’s wearing a special Kryptonian HAZMAT suit that protects her against kryptonite. Supergirl escapes, but realizes that she needs one of those suits.


Cat Grant’s private emails have been hacked. And the Boards of Directors are really mad. Some of them want Cat to step down as head of Catco, to avoid the embarrassment. But Cat won’t do it unless she has to. So she has Kara, Winn and James go through every one of her emails to see if there is any blackmail material to be found. And of course there is. Cat has a grown son that she pretty much abandoned because she was young when he was born, and too busy building up Catco to deal with a baby. But now, her maternal instincts have kicked in, and she’ll step down rather than drag his name through the mud. And his name, by the way, is Adam Foster. And look for him to appear in a future episode as an alternate love interest for Kara. He’ll be played by the actress’ real life husband.


But Cat doesn’t have to step down from Catco. Because Kara uses her super powers to discover that the hacker is a member of the Board of Directors. And the whole hack was part of plan to get Cat to resign so he could take over. But with the help of James, Winn, and Lucy Lane, Kara is able to get tangible proof and out this guy as the real bad guy. Cat’s career, and secret, is safe. But Kara’s actions make her suspicious. And as previously mentioned, she discovers that she is Supergirl.


Astra flies out in broad daylight for everyone to see. She’s challenging Supergirl in front of the whole world. So Kara has to respond as Supergirl. She fights Astra over the city, in a fight that looks a lot like the bout between Zod and Superman in Man of Steel. And it takes some doing, but Supergirl gets mad enough to take her out, especially when she begins talking trash about Supergirl’s Mama. That ain’t cool, even on Krypton. Supergirl takes Astra back to the D.E.O. for detention. And Astra tries to convince her that her Mother was a murderer. Supergirl isn’t swayed at first, but then begins to believe some of the accusations that Astra makes.


But Astra’s capture was all part of a bigger plan. Her husband, Non, is on the attack. Non was the name of the big Kryptonian brute in the movie Superman II. Though that version of Non couldn’t talk, and wasn’t too bright. While the Non in Supergirl can talk, and he isn’t a moron. He’s leading an attack on Lord Tech, Maxwell Lord’s Company. And his army is made up of Kryptonians, and aliens with their own unique powers. Supergirl and the D.E.O. go to face Non and his army. But it doesn’t look good.   STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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