Chivalry of a failed knight Review.

     Chivalry of a failed knight is a fairly new anime that has just wrapped up its first season. Hugan Academy trains students to fight using magic and weapons converted from their soul. People who are able to do so are referred to as Blazers. In this school, they learn to control magic and learn to fight. Among the many students is a young man named Ikki Kurogane, an F-rank student who has no magical skills. One morning after returning from his morning jog, Ikki Kurogane opens the door to find a half naked girl in his apartment. While apologizing to the director, Kurono, of the school, he learns the girl he walked in on was Stella Vermillion, a famous A-rank blazer and princess to the Vermillion empire. Coincidentally enough, Stella is also Ikki’s new roommate since space is a little tight.


     As you would guess, this would not sit right with Stella. When she decides to lay down some ground rules that Ikki can not agree to, it is decided that a mock battle will take place between Stella and Ikki. The loser would have to become the servant of the winner. Understanding that he is out classed and leagues behind Stella, Ikki decides to pull out one of his few techniques. Paying attention to Stella’s form with her sword, Ikki steals Stella’s fighting style and uses it against her. Once Stella realizes what has happened, she decides to use her noble art, one of the most powerful moves a blazer possesses. Unfortunately for Stella, Ikki’s physical ranking is an A. He is able to out maneuver her and take her down with one strike. With the battle over and Ikki the winner, he collapse from exhaustion. Kurono later explains to Stella that due to his particular fighting style, Ikki has nob been able to gain a rank better than F. When Stella returns to the apartment, she apologizes for her behavior earlier. Ikki then reminds her that she is his servant now, and that he orders her to be his roommate on equal terms.


     If the description of the first episode did not sell you on it, I urge you to still give it a chance. The character development in this anime is amazing. As the story goes on, we learn why Ikki is doing what he does. We learn why people start to naturally accept him for who he is. We also learn why you must win the battle at The Seven Sward Art Festival. We learn his convictions and who he feels he must impress. Give this anime a three episode buffer. We get a women trapped in a mans body, a sister that is in lover with her brother because no one else in the family loved him and we get a teacher that needs blood transfusions once a day because she barfs blood every day. There is no lack of interesting characters.


     Many people criticize this anime for being a “Cookie cutter” anime. While I can see where they come from, I personally love this anime. The premise of this anime maybe a familiar one, but the delivery is like one I’ve never seen. Watching a character who is surrounded by people who have an advantage on him refusing to give in while continuing to fight on is just a great story. I’ve always been a sucker for an underdog story. If I had to give Chivalry of a failed knight a score, It would have to be 4.25 out of 5. Give this anime a watch if you can. If you would rather move on ahead, check out the manga. Volume 21 just came out and picks up right around where the anime left off.

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