2015 was a great year for gaming. Many great games hit the scene like Halo 5, Battlefront and one of my personal favorite, Saints Row: Gat out of hell. If you have either current generation consoles with either Gold or PS+, you got free games every month. Today, we will see if the value of the games for Xbox offset the cost of the premium subscription. Lets jump into it right now.

So typically, a year subscription of Xbox Live gold will cost you 59.99, maybe a little less depending on where you get it. Using the wonderful world of basic math, we know that the average cost per month is 4.99, give or take a couple hundredths of a cent. So, lets jump into this. Just for clarification, any game that was advertised as Games With Gold and was free in the month is up for grabs, but can not be counted twice. That means if a game was free for the month of March, but was still free in April, the game will be counted towards March but will not be counted towards April.

The month of January saw two great games. Worms Battlegrounds, a classic style worms game we all grew up with, and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, an episodic psycho-thriller. Both games are wonderful and would suggest a play through of D4 and adding any worms game in your game night rotation.

     Worms Battlegrounds: $24.99

     D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die: $14.99


February was a bit of a slow month with only one game. #IDARB is a smaller indie game with twitch integration. Something similar to basket ball with distractions on screen. Pretty fun.

     #IDARB $14.99

March was equally as slow as February with one new game. Rayman Legends would end up being that months free game, being one of the better received games this year.

Rayman Legends $19.99



April saw the release of Pool Nation fx, a game I have spent countless hours playing just for the physics of the pool balls. The other game released along side it was child of light, which I have yet to play due to my backlog of games I need to get to.

     Pool Nation FX $13.99

     Child of light $14.99


May saw one Games with Gold release. Castlestorm: Definitive edition. This game is like a side view tower defender type game. I’ve had many hours of fun with a couple of my friends in this game. Was definitely a good grab when it was free.

     Castlestorm: Definitive edition $14.99

June also saw one Game with Gold release. Massive Chalice, a game that I have yet to put in a good amount of time into. The game is a turn-based game, very similar to Xcom. As far as I know, Massive Chalice has a lot to do with genetics and off springs of characters to fight in the future of the game.

     Massive Chalice: $19.99


If you missed out on July’s games, then you really missed out. Assassins Creed: Black Flag was the most recently Assassins Creed I have played. Nothing against the series, I’ve just been out of the loop so long that I have no idea what is going on story wise, but Black Flag piqued my interest enough for me to jump right in and boy did I love it. The second game of July was So Many Me, a puzzle game that really pushed the limits of my puzzle solving abilities, and at times, needed to walk away and come back to find the solution.

     Assassins Creed:: Black Flag $29.99

     So Many Me: $14.99


August brought what many people called the demo. Metal gear solid V: Ground zero. Personally, I missed out on the game, and have been kicking myself in the but ever since. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the game and am sure the full game is wonderful. The second game of August was How to survive: Storm Warning edition. I played a couple hours of it. It is a top down double stick shooter. Great co-op.

     Metal Gear Solid V $19.99

     How to survive $19.99

Unfortunately, for the month of September, I was not able to download any of the Games with Gold, so I am not able to give my input about them.

     The Deer God: $14.99

     Tomb Raider: Definitive Ed. $29.99

Much like September, I didn’t have the chance to pick up the first game of October. I have, however, played the second game of the month on Xbox 360. The walking dead was such an amazing narrative game. I recommend anyone who loves story driven games to dry this out.

     Valiant Hearts: The Great War $14.99

     The Walking Dead: Season 1 $24.99


Once again, I wasn’t able to find the time to play the games for November. Dang…Maybe I shouldn’t have built this new computer….

     Pneuma: Breath of Life $19.99

     Knight Squad $14.99

I did get to play one of the December games. The first one was The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, which reminded me a lot about Diablo III which, depending on your taste of games, could be a good thing like it was for me. As far as Thief goes, I have yet to play it. I really should start going through this back log of games I have.

     The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing $14.99

     Thief $29.99


Now that the tally is over, it is time to add up the total. The cost of Gold for one year is $60. The total of all the games you got this year total a whopping $388. I am going to be honest, I had NO idea the amount would be that high. So for $60 a year, you are not only give back your initial investment back, but you also get an extra $328 of free games. Yeah, all the games may not be your specific taste, but they are essentially free after you make back your initial investment. If Xbox isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. There will be an article going over PS+ on December 31st so make sure to come back.

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