You remember that $150 elite controller Microsoft showed off during E3? Well it turns out that the elite controller is WAY more popular than anyone would have imagined. When Microsoft announced a $150 controller, many console gamers lost their mind. $150 seems ridiculous for a controller, but when you compare that to PC gamers who spend about that much, give or take, on keyboards and mice I thought “Well why can’t console gamers have a controller for around the same price if the product justifies the price?” If you look at it from a logical stand point, you have map-able paddles on the back, switchable D-pad AND thumb sticks, hair lock triggers and multiple profiles for different games you play. That is a lot for a console controller and only makes me want to own one even more. Well, it has been a little over two months and I’ve only ever seen an elite controller in the store ONCE. ONE TIME! I can’t fathom how popular these controllers got. They are sold out on Amazon, Walmart, Target and even Xbox and the Microsoft store. These things are so sold out I think they only place you can really find them right now is ebay or your local swap meet if you are lucky.



No one can really blame Microsoft for having such a limited supply. It is the same thing with the Amibos. Just like Microsoft, Nintendo could never have known how popular those little things would become and eventually spawn a cult-like following. What will separate the two companies now is how Microsoft handles the shortage going further. I would like to think that Microsoft will  start making up for the demand, but that may not be true for some time. It has been said that the supply of elite controllers will be limited until March 2016. Buckle your seat boys and girls. It is going to be a long wait that is only going to feel longer. Once March hits, I swear I am buying the first controller I see, but until then, anyone want to send me one?

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