AGDQ, a speed running marathon in part with Speed Demo Archive , is short for Awesome Games Done Quick. If you don’t know what speed running is, allow me to inform you about it. Speed running is when someones goal in a video game is to beat it in the shortest amount of times possible. Sometimes using glitches or sometimes using minor glitches in the games code. What AGDQ does is exactly that, but the go for multiple days. While they speed run, they are also taking donations for charity the whole time. Just last year, AGDQ was able to raise just over $1 Million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Who said playing games was just for kids.


You can find the link here for the schedule. I urge you to give it a look over. There are many games that I am anticipating watch. My personal favorites are the Pokemon, Mega Man and Legend of Zelda blocks. Games i couldn’t beat as a kid being finished in under five, four and sometimes even one hour. If you can donate to the cause, I would strongly urge you do, But if you can’t then just share the link on your Facebook. Every viewer helps them. The event will start on January 3rd at nine AM and will end on January 9th at nine PM. You can watch it here. I am so Excited.


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