Games Done Quick Cant Miss Streams: Day one

I’ll make this quick since the stream has already started. Here are the cant miss games of AGDQ day one.

Coming up at 11 am PST will be Super Monkey Ball. If you have never seen a Super Monkey ball speed run, you are missing out on something amazing. It is fast paced and quick. If you hate waiting half an hour to see a payoff for something, then this will be the perfect stream for you. estimated time is right at 25 minutes, but should be even quicker than that. Go check it out. maxresdefault

The Kirby block starting with Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards right around 1:30 pm PST is fun. Kirby games are always cool. A lot of good technical show off in that run. Something great for the \

background if you want to watch, or if you just want some noise on. Keep an eye out for that.


The last can’t miss game for day one would have to be Super Mario 64. This is a 120 star run, so you know what that means. You are in it for the long haul with this one. At an estimated hour and fifty five minutes, this is one you might end up falling asleep to at 5:30 pm PST


There you go. These are my picks for the can’t miss runs for the first day of AGDQ. Go check out the stream on twitch or on their website. 

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