This is the first Supergirl of 2016, and it’s the 2nd half or a two-part story. Just to refresh your memories, here’s what happened last episode. Ornery Aunt Astra gets captured by Kara and the D.E.O., and she’s married to Non, a fellow Kryptonian radical. Cat Grant knows that Kara is Supergirl. And, as if that’s not bad enough, Astra makes accusations against Kara’s mother that make Kara question her mother’s motives. And lastly, Non and his supermen attack Maxwell Lord’s company.


Overall, I’d say the episode was pretty good. Though, as the 2nd half of a story, it breaks little new ground. It’s more about resolving things that were set up in the first half. Which reminds me – if you read my last recap, you’ll recall that I predicted how the secret identity issue would resolve. And I was right. Happy dance time!  Shape-shifting Hank Henshaw, who is secretly the Martian Manhunter, used his ability to become Supergirl, so Cat could confront both Kara and Supergirl at the same time. Thus seeing that they were, in apparent fact, two separate people. So Supergirl’s secret is safe. And now that Kara knows Hank’s secret, maybe they’ll work together. He is being nicer to her now. But that’s skipping ahead.


The episode begins where they left off, with Supergirl and Non battling at Maxwell Lord’s company. But the fight is cut short by the D.E.O., who come to Supergirl’s aid. Non retreats, though he doesn’t leave empty handed. He kidnaps Hank. His intent is to use him in a prisoner exchange, to free Astra. With Hank missing in action, Alex becomes the director of the D.E.O. And while this is a great honor, it is short-lived. General Lane arrives with an executive order from the President, allowing him to take over the D.E.O., and the rescue mission. Of course his methods are harsh, especially when dealing with aliens. And torture is his go-to solution, as he tries to squeeze info out of Astra by injecting her with kryptonite. Supergirl is none too pleased by his barbaric tactics, but General Lane doesn’t care what she thinks. After all, she is an alien too. He believes that if Astra is in enough pain, she will tell them where to find Hank.   And she does.


Then things go bad for everyone. Astra lied. So General Lane’s soldiers, Alex and Supergirl, walk right into a booby trap.   Everyone is killed in the explosion, except Supergirl, Alex and one soldier. Meanwhile, back at Catco, Jimmy and Winn team up to try and find out what Maxwell Lord is hiding. Non attacked the company for a reason. Jimmy finds out that Lord is developing anti-alien tech to take care of the Kryptonian threat, which includes eliminating Supergirl. So in a misguided attempt to keep Kara safe, Jimmy and Winn investigate on their own. Jimmy goes and gets himself caught, learning nothing. And Maxwell Lord proceeds to beat the snot out of him. Needless to say, Kara isn’t too please. She’s angry, and she wants to fly over to Maxwell Lord’s office and pretty much go all Astra on his evil self. But Winn and Jimmy calm her down, and talk her out of taking the law into her own super hands.


Kara feels powerless. She wasn’t able to save Hank, or convince Cat that she not Supergirl, or stop Maxwell Lord. But her friends remind her that heroes don’t give up. Heroes find a way.


Kara goes to Astra and reminds her of their blood bond. Through it all, they are still family. This touches Astra’s heart and she confesses that she wasn’t telling the whole truth about Kara’s mother. She was tough but fair, and wasn’t the monster Astra made her out to be. Kara, trusting Astra now that she’s come clean, makes the decision to go through with the prisoner exchange, against General Lane’s orders. And they trade Astra for Hank. Of course Non tries a double-cross, using his super army in an ambush attempt. But Astra calls it off, honoring the agreement with Supergirl. But warns that this isn’t a truce, and that the war isn’t over.


Back at the D.E. O., Hank relieves General Lane of command, and comes clean to Supergirl about who he really is. Then he uses his power to trick Cat into believing that Kara and Supergirl are two separate people. And as for Maxwell Lord, his research is still under wraps. But we, the viewers, see that he is altering a ‘Jane Doe’ in some bizarre way. The women appears to be a Supergirl look-alike. Could he be developing a female version of Bizarro? Stay tuned!!!!!


NOTE:  Hank has powers.  Why didn’t he just use them to escape?  Keeping his alien aspect on the down-low perhaps.

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