We have a new game play video. I am so excited for this. Above, you will find a video of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. In the video, we have Naruto and Sasuke vs Sakura and Hinata (Bae).

The first thing we see is Naruto jump out and Sasuke jump in , so we now have the ability to tag out characters, which is going to change the way we play on a whole other level. Before, when we picked support characters, we never had the ability to switch out like that. They would always be…well…support characters. They would only pop in for a little, do a quick attack directed towards your opponents, and then pop back out so it never really mattered who we picked. Now, we will have the ability to pick our main, then as support characters, select our second best character and plan ahead, like actual strategy (I joke…sorta).

We then see Sasuke do a beautiful combo against Sakura, and then see Sakura return the favor back to Sasuke with a stunningly visually appealing jutsu. We then jump back to a new match with Sakura and Naruto starting out again. This time, Sakura is the one to jump out and Hinata (still Bae) is the one to fight Naruto. Hinata starts out a combo, but  Naruto is quick to throw a beautiful counter combo. Hinata, Not to be outdone, retaliates with a combo into an ultimate jutsu. Eight trigrmas sixty-four palms from what it looks like. Right before she finishes the jutsu she says “Goodbye Naruto.” Can you get any more emotional than that? The visuals in the video are supposed to be for PS4. If that is true, I cant wait to see what it will look like on the PC.

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