Our local hangout, ‘the Frank And Son Collectible Show’, is featured in this episode, and gets a shout out. Which is appropriate, since this episode has a lot to do with toys, and ‘The Toyman’. And who is the Toyman you ask? It’s Winslow Schott, he uses toys to commit crimes, and KILL. He’s also the father of Winslow Schott Junior, or Winn, Supergirl’s pal and co-worker. Now Winn hasn’t talked that much about his dad, for good reason. He’s a psycho killer. But now that he’s escaped from prison, everybody finds out everything.


This is a great episode because it gives Winn a moment in the spotlight. We learn a lot about him, and his character takes some risks. Unfortunately those risks don’t pay off, but I digress.   Winn’s father, The Toyman, uses a spiked yoyo to escape from prison. And the FBI arrives at Catco to give Winn the third degree. It’s a very public display, and that prompts Kara to eavesdrop, using her super-hearing to hear everything.


At first Winn lies to the FBI, telling them that he hasn’t heard from his dad. But after talking with Kara, he confesses to them that he has been contacted in a way. He found a talking doll on his desk that morning, and the doll asked Winn to go to an arcade. So the FBI sets up a sting operation, using Winn as bait.


But that’s not the only covert operation going on. After receiving a flying lesson from J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, Kara tries to convince Hank to use his Martian powers to find out what Maxwell Lord is hiding. If you remember, last episode James Olson got beaten up by Lord when he went sleuthing. Also Non, and his alien army, attacked Lord’s company. So whatever he’s hiding must be something big. But Hank is hesitant about using his shape-shifting abilities to find out what’s going on. He’s afraid of losing himself to his Martian side.


Winn, wearing an FBI wire, comes face to face with his Dad. He hasn’t seen Pops since he was hauled off to prison when he was a boy. And Winslow Senior is as crazed now as he was back then. He tells Winn that they are the same, linked in some way. But before he can elaborate, the FBI moves in, guns blazing. But Daddy’s not really there. It was all a trick, with smoke and mirrors. And now that mirror is broken. And as for the smoke, it turns out to be poisonous gas.   Luckily Supergirl is on hand to super suck-up the gas.


Alex convinces Hank to use his powers to infiltrate Maxwell Lord’s facility, while she keeps him out of the way on a dinner date. And at first things go well. Looking just like Maxwell Lord, Hank finds the secret room where they are experimenting on a Jane Doe. Lord looks to be transforming her into a bizarre version of Supergirl. But before Hank can get her out, he’s discovered. And he has to use his Martian powers to memory-wipe a guard. A process that apparently causes brain damage, as it totally wipes the mind clean.


Now this is where things take a turn for Winn. He’s distraught because of the confrontation with his father. The fact that his deranged Dad said they are linked, makes him wonder if that means that one-day he could become just like him. And when Kara tries to comfort him, as any friend would, Winn misinterprets and goes in for a passionate kiss. A move that is soundly rejected, making things suddenly very awkward. Winn leaves, embarrassed by the failed kiss attempt, and is promptly kidnapped by his Dad.


Hank is upset too.  He’s mad at himself because of what went down with the guard. Years ago he swore that he would never do that maneuver again, and yet he did it again to salvage the mission. And to make matters worse, Maxwell Lord managed to secure video of his doppelganger going into the facility. So now he knows that there is an Alien shape-shifter out there somewhere. And he also suspects that Alex had something to do with the break-in as well.


The Toyman has a plan. He wants to kill his old boss, Chester Dunholtz, at Toy Con 2016. Chester stole his toy designs back in the day. But the kicker is that he wants his son Winn to do the deed for him. Of course Winn refuses, so he blackmails him. He tells Winn that there are 10 bombs hidden in random toys at the convention.  And if Winn doesn’t shoot Dunholtz he’ll set off the bombs, killing several innocent men, women, and children. (Toy Con 2016 is being held at Frank And Son.)


Supergirl arrives just in time. Winn can’t take the shot, and Poppa Schott is in the basement. He triggers the bombs. So Supergirl uses her heat vision to set off the sprinklers, then uses her frost breathe to create an ice wall between the people and the bombs. I didn’t know ice could shield you from ten bomb blasts, but apparently it can. So the day is saved. And Old Man Schott is put back into the slammer.


There was also a thing about Lucy Lane getting a job at Catco that didn’t make any sense to me. I thought she was in the military, with her Dad. I remember seeing her in a uniform. But apparently now she’s working for Cat. Oh, and they kissed and Kara saw it.


So things go back to normal between Kara and Winn, right? I think not. Kara is willing to forget the whole kiss attempt, but Winn isn’t. He proclaims his love for her, but she doesn’t know how to reply, since she’s not in love with him. Thus leaving their friendship strained and in jeopardy. She tells her Sister Alex about it back at the apartment of course, unaware that Maxwell Lord has hidden a camera in the TV. So now he knows that Supergirl and Alex are sisters, and that she’s Kara Danvers. Stay Tuned!!!!!

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