The big bad guy this week is The Turtle. He’s so named because of his ability to slow things down. But he doesn’t affect time; he absorbs all the kinetic energy around him, leaving everyone around him in a state of potential energy. That’s tech babble for; he can slow everybody down to a snail’s pace, even The Flash. So what’s a speedster to do? Charge in without a plan and get totally faced by the bad guy? Yeah, that happened. Last season, Green Arrow schooled Barry on running blindly into danger, but I guess the lesson didn’t take.


But before we tackle The Turtle, lets cover the interpersonal drama that went down. Wally West is kind of a jerk. He disrespects Joe in front of the Police Captain, and flakes on a dinner invite to go out street racing. Which is illegal by the way. (But I guess it does show that Wally likes speed) But it’s not Wally’s fault he’s so full of anger and angst. He grew up without a Dad, partially because Joe West wrote off his wife, telling Iris and everyone that she was dead, when obviously she wasn’t. It’s true she was all kinds of messed up. But if Joe had kept in touch, at least for Iris’ sake, he would have known she was pregnant with his son. So Wally isn’t so quick to call Joe ‘Dad’ and hug it out. But, by the end of the episode, Wally is willing to try to work through things, at his own pace.


That brings us to Barry’s new girlfriend Patty Spivot. She dumps him, and rightly so. Barry’s been lying to her from the start, and instead of coming clean, like Iris recommends. He continues to keep her in the dark, regarding his Flash persona, and almost gets her killed in the process. To Barry’s credit, he does finally decide to tell Patty everything. But instead of sitting her down and just spilling the beans, he invites her out on a museum date. And it’s the museum that team Flash is staking out because they suspect the Turtle will try to rob it. Which he does, almost killing Patty. Who brings a date to a super villain stake out? Barry does. And afterwards, when she’s all pissed, he still doesn’t tell her anything. I guess to protect her. But then she gets kidnapped by The Turtle anyway. And after she’s rescued, yet again. Patty’s had enough, and so have we. Goodbye Patty Spivot. She hit the do-over button and is moving out of Central City to pursue a CSI career. (Crime Scene Investigation)


Now The Turtle is a thief, and a bit of a psycho. But that’s not why team Flash wants him. They want to find out how his powers work so they can catch Zoom. But what they don’t know is that they all aren’t working toward the same goal. Harry, Earth Two Doctor Wells, doesn’t want to catch Zoom, he wants to use the process to catch Barry and deliver him to Zoom. In exchange for his kidnapped daughter. And to that end, once The Turtle is captured and put in the pipeline, Harry shoves a device up his nose, extracting something from his brain I’m guessing. It’s a procedure that kills The Turtle. Stay tuned!!!!


Side note: Caitlin discovers that her new boyfriend, Jay Garrick, is terminally ill. He’s got an unnamed illness that relates to the speed force. And the only cure is getting his speed back. Jay Garrick is The Flash of Earth 2.

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