The episode starts out at a gravesite, four months in the future. But who’s going to die? That’s the unanswered question they’ve presented to us, yet again. But this time, they do provide us with a clue at the end of the episode. We see Oliver get into a limousine at the cemetery. And Felicity is inside crying. So it can’t be her. That means the unlucky stiff will be; Diggle, Laurel, Theo, Captain Lance, Lyla, or possibly Roy. In the most recent preview we see that Roy does return, some time down the line. Hopefully, he hasn’t been brought back to die. My vote is for Lyla, but not the baby. They haven’t really used her very much this season anyway. But only time will tell. I’m betting we don’t find out who bites it until the season finale. And the Lazarus pit was destroyed, so there’s no coming back, whoever it is.


In the last episode Felicity got shot. So this episode deals with the ramifications of that. Felicity is going through a series of operations, and Oliver is out on a rampage trying to find Damian Darhk. He’s the one behind the shooting. But Darhk is nowhere to be found. Oliver seems to have put aside his no-kill policy as he tracks down Darhk’s men, in an attempt to discover his whereabouts. But those thugs would rather die than squeal. And shouldn’t Oliver be at Felicity’s side during her ordeal? Everyone seems to think so. Diggle, Laurel, Captain Lance, Felicity’s Mom and Thea, all go to support her at the hospital. But the best that Oliver can do is send flowers.


Oliver turns to Diggle to try and get info from his brother Andy, who worked for Darhk. Andy is in a jail cell in the Arrow cave. Diggle goes in and does more than talk. He deals some damage with his fists. But Andy still isn’t talking, even after the brother-on-brother beat down.


Oliver goes to Captain Lance, in search of Darhk. Lance was in cahoots with Darhk at first, before he got all kill crazy. And has been a double agent for team Arrow. But if he gives up his location, he knows his cover will be blown, putting him in danger. Lance does anyway, giving Oliver the address. Then Oliver goes to kill Darhk. But when he gets to his lair, he finds that someone already tried to play the murder card, and failed. Darhk’s men are all dead, but Darhk is nowhere to be found. The big “A” symbol on the wall is a dead giveaway though. The man who tried to kill Darhk is Lonnie Machin, a.k.a “Anarky.” And in case you forgot who that is. Last time they met, Speedy got a little carried away and set the guy’s face on fire.


Team Arrow tracks down Machin and captures him. And surprisingly, he’s not upset with Speedy at all. He feels the fire cleansed him. But he still wears a freaky mask to cover the scars, so it’s not all good. Oliver takes Machin to a secluded warehouse-like space to interrogate/torture him. A move the rest of the team isn’t down for. They think he should be turned over to the police but Oliver, still a bit crazed himself, isn’t having it. He wants to know how Machin found Darhk. And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to find out. But before Olive can totally trash him, he gets a call that he’s needed at the hospital. And while he’s gone, Laurel alerts the police and has Machin picked up.


At the hospital, we find out that Felicity’s spinal chord has been damaged beyond repair. She’ll never walk again. And when she finally talks with Oliver she tries to release him from their engagement. But that’s not what he wants, and he puts that ring back on her finger. And just for the record, in the four-month flash foreword, Felicity is seated in the limousine so we can’t tell if she can walk or not.


Oliver is upset when he discovers that Machin has been arrested. He’s so mad in fact that he stops the police transport, as Green Arrow, and sets Machin free. And he tells Machin to find Darhk and kill him. Everyone is pissed that Oliver let Machin, a psycho killer, go free. But it’s all part of Oliver’s plan. He’s tracking Machin’s every move via a tracking device, and plans to move in when Machin finds Darhk. Unfortunately, Machin finds the tracking device and disables it. So Diggle goes back to his brother and talks to him brother-to-brother, without the beat down. And this time, Andy gives them info that helps them find Darhk.


But Machin is at Darhk’s safe-house already, and he’s threatening Darhk’s wife and daughter. So team arrow has to go in and rescue them, while Speedy goes after Machin. But before Green Arrow can go help Speedy, he runs into Darhk, and they tussle a bit. But Darhk disengages, giving Green Arrow a pass, since he rescued Darhk’s wife and daughter. But he warns that it’s only a temporary truce.  Stay tuned!!!!!!!!



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