The strange visitor from another planet is not who you think it is. It’s a monstrous White Martian, a vengeful member of the race that wiped out all of J’onn J’onzz’s people on Mars. And it doesn’t want to stop there. This White Martian wants to track down and kill the last living green Martian, and that’s J’onn, otherwise known as Hank Henshaw, the head of the D.E.O.. And in this episode we actually get a few glimpses of Mars, via Hank’s flashbacks. They explain how the White Martians lived underground and the Green Martians lived above ground. An arrangement the White Martians apparently weren’t too keen on.


We also get to meet Cat’s estranged grown son, Adam. He came to town in response to a heartfelt letter he received from Cat. But unfortunately Cat was not the one that wrote the sweet note. It was Kara, pretending to be Cat. You see, it’s her plan to reunite the Mother and Son, in hope of reconciliation. But when the time comes, Cat can’t stop being Cat and ends up pushing her son Adam even further away.


Senator Miranda Crane is also in town, pushing her anti-alien agenda. But at a pep rally to support the Senator’s paranoia, a hulkish White Martian appears and begins to wreck havoc. The huge alien grabs the Senator and runs away with her. But Jimmy’s on the scene as a photo journalist. He uses his signal watch, and Supergirl arrives, just in time. Supergirl recons the area and runs across the Senator, but the big monster is gone. They take the Senator back to D.E.O. headquarters, to keep her safe.


Kara meets Cat and Adam for coffee, acting like a referee during their next encounter. And by keeping them focused on what’s important, she helps them get past the hurt and start getting real.   And speaking of getting past the hurt, Winn is still pretty upset about his romantic rejection, and he isn’t talking to Kara.


Back at the D.E.O., it turns out the Senator isn’t who she claims to be. She’s really the White Martian. I guess all Martians have shape-shifting abilities. She stashed the real Senator somewhere then let Supergirl find her/him/it. It’s trying to sniff out who J’onn J’onzz is masquerading as, remember he could be anyone, male or female. And once it finds the last Green Martian, it intends to destroy him. (Ouch, can’t we all just get along.) The White Martian goes ballistic, once discovered, and a massive battle ensues.   But Hank does not shift into the Martina Manhunter. That would blow his cover. Plus, he’s pretty traumatized by the memories of the genocide on Mars. His wife and two daughters were killed and he’s harboring a ton of survivor’s guilt.


Supergirl arrives at the D.E.O. and chases off the White Martian. But the beast loses a finger in the melee, enabling Hank, Alex, and Supergirl to track it. The beast is smart though, and splits the team. Supergirl saves the real Senator Crane, but Alex is captured. Now Hank has a decision to make. And to save Alex he agrees to surrender to the White Martian and let it take his life without a fight. He’s tired of running and ashamed that his family, and his people, died while he survived. But Supergirl won’t let him wallow in self-pity, and talks him into fighting to save Alex.


Hank and Supergirl confront the White Martian. Hank transforms into J’onn J’onzz and the three super beings battle it out. Supergirl and J’onn defeat the White Martian. But Hank uses kryptonite cuffs on Supergirl to restrain her. So she won’t stop him from doing what he wants to do next. Kill the White Martian for what its people have done. But Supergirl is able to appeal to Hank’s sense of right and wrong, and she talks him out of murdering the creature. So they lock it up at the D.E.O.. Though it warns that others are coming. And it appears that they can triangulate on Hank when he uses his powers. So this will probably curtail him from being the City’s second superhero, at least for now. Hank, Alex and Supergirl have a very nice moment, as he becomes more the father figure, than the hardened boss he was first introduced as. And I think I like the change.


When Kara comes back to office, Adam asks her out on a date. And Cat is okay with it, so it will probably happen. Though I don’t know how poor Winn is going to react when he finds out. He’s still smarting from Kara’s rejection, though he’s trying to deal with it. When he finds out Kara has another romantic interest, will he snap, like his father did? Or will he possibly find a way to be happy in the friend zone? And then there’s that other ‘Supergirl’ that Kara and Alex see on television rescuing a car before it falls off a bridge. That’s bizarre! (Hint) Is she friend or foe? Stay tuned!!!


Notes: Senator Miranda Crane isn’t as anti-alien as she used to be, now that Supergirl saved her bacon. And if other White Martians come, I hope Hank clues Supergirl in on their one major weakness, fire. Since she has heat vision, that bit of intel could be really useful. (Info from the source: Comic Books)

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