Maxwell Lord has been commandeering brain-dead blondes and infusing them with Supergirl’s DNA. And no, that is not the set-up for a very bad joke. It’s actually what happened in this episode. His plan was to reverse engineer his own version of Supergirl, and it mostly worked. Except his bizarre version is truly the reverse. Instead of heat vision and super cold breath, she has fire breath and freeze vision, and kryptonite makes her stronger. Maxwell Lord apparently went through six gals, before this seventh experiment turned out to be such a success. And this bizarre new creation looks exactly like Supergirl, until she begins to deteriorate, becoming very chalky and zombie-like. But nobody’s perfect, right?


When Bizarro Supergirl emerges on the scene, her saves are so clumsy she’s perceived as a menace. And this is bad for the real Supergirl, because at this stage, her bizarre twin looks exactly like her. So she’s getting all the bad press. But Maxwell Lord isn’t grooming another superhero; he’s creating a monster. He’s brainwashing his creation, making her hate Supergirl. He even puts it in her head that Supergirl needs to be killed. He sees her, and all aliens, as threats that need to be eliminated. In his head, he’s humanity’s savior. So when Bizarro Supergirl tries to kill the real Supergirl, he’s like a proud papa, though understandably, he is a little disappointed that Supergirl survives the encounter.  But better luck next time.

Back at the office, Kara is shocked when Cat Grant brings her coffee, which is the reverse of what normally happens. But her bizarre behavior is explainable. She’s being nice to Kara because she’s dating her son Adam. Kara met him last episode when she arranged for Cat to reunite with her estranged first-born. Kara is actually really smitten with the handsome chap, and blushes when she mentions him to her hommies, James and Winn. Kara and Adam have real chemistry, which is no surprise; the actor and actress are husband and wife in real life.

Alex confronts Maxwell Lord. She knows he created Bizarro Supergirl. When Hank broke into Max’s building a few episodes ago, he saw the comatose girl. And though Max doesn’t admit to anything outright. He dances around the subject so expertly, it’s obvious he knows everything. He also alludes to the fact that he knows who Supergirl really is, and Alex’s connection to her. Which is troubling.

Kara and Adam are having a great time and share their first kiss, which will be memorable. Because Bizarro Supergirl swoops out of the sky and whisks Kara away mid-pucker. The two women battle, and it’s cool to see Super-Kara and Bizarro Supergirl brawling. The special effects, especially the flying, have gotten so much better since the old ‘Smallville/ Lois & Clark’ days. Alex and the D.E.O. show up and shoot Bizarro Supergirl with Kryptonite bullets. But this only makes her angrier, stronger, and causes her to begin deteriorating. She flies off.

Now how is Kara going to explain what happened to Adam and Cat? She doesn’t! When she comes back to the office, neither questions her on why a weird version of Supergirl would fly away with her. But what she does do instead is break up with Adam, for his own safety of course. And this makes him sad, and really pisses Cat off. But Kara was right to break it off, because anyone she cares about would be in danger. Somehow Bizarro Supergirl seems to have all her memories as well as her powers. Which is too bad for James, because Bizarro Supergirl kidnaps him. She knows that Kara loves James. It’s not clear how she knows, but she knows. I guess you get somebody’s DNA, you also get all their memories.

Alex, acting totally on her own authority, kind of arrests Maxwell Lord, locking him up at the D.E.O. without a court order, or trial, or anything. Isn’t that illegal in America? Even Hank thinks it is. But Alex is acting to protect her family, so I guess that trumps Democracy. And since she knows that Hank isn’t really Hank, he’s a shape-shifting Martian, masquerading as Hank. She plays the ‘Who are you to talk’ card. And Supergirl backs her up, as they lock Lord down Guantanamo-style.

Then Supergirl hears James squeal for help, and she goes off and rescues him. She defeats her bizarre doppelganger in another well-done battle sequence. But Supergirl isn’t angry, she’s compassionate. She sees this version of herself as a victim, not a super villain. And that’s refreshing. Hank and the gang put the girl back into an artificially induced comma, promising to find a cure for what Maxwell Lord did to her. And Supergirl is there to comfort her and hold her hand until she falls asleep.

Now it’s been a long day of literally fighting with herself, so it’s understandable that Supergirl flies home to have a little ‘me’ time. But there’s an alien pod on the coffee table, and it’s open and empty. Supergirl investigates, apparently having never seen the movie ‘Alien.’ Because she’s totally caught off-guard by the recently hatched alien parasite that attaches itself to her. STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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