This episode was so much fun to watch. There were so many Easter Eggs scattered throughout, you’d think the Easter Bunny exploded. But the one thing that’s missing this week is a plot that works. It was fun watching our Barry and Cisco discover all the cool surprises that Earth-2 had to offer. But why were they surprises? Harry Wells and Jay Garrick know all about Earth-2. They’re from there. So why don’t they fill Barry and Cisco in on what they’ll be facing, so they can be prepared. Jay gives a vague warning before they leave for Earth 2, but doesn’t bother with any details at all. So when Barry and Cisco arrive on Earth two, they know nothing. And the lame plan to save Jesse falls apart almost immediately. People end up dead. Barry is kidnapped by Zoom. And The Flash is unable to save himself, let alone Jesse. Yes kids it is a two-part episode.


The show opens with Barry and team Flash closing all the breeches outside Star Labs. These breeches lead to Earth 2. Then the plan is to use the one remaining breech at Star Labs, and the speed cannon devise, to cross over and save Jesse. She’s Harry Wells’ daughter, and Zoom is holding her prisoner. So with little preparation, or information exchange, Barry and Cisco and Wells enter the breech, heading to Earth 2. But in the void between Earths, they see some cool stuff. THEY SEE SUPERGIRL, even though she’s on another network. And they see what looks to be the Flash from the old 80’s television show, among other things. What could be cooler?


Earth 2 itself is cooler. With it’s elevated rail system, big planes, and futuristic retro feel; Central City is the city of tomorrow, today. So of course Barry and Cisco have to take a few selfies. Because that’s what you do when you’re on another planet. Wells tries to keep things on point, but he can’t wrangle these two sightseers, because some people they know have mirror opposites on Earth 2. Snart isn’t a villain here, he’s the Mayor. Deadshot is a police detective, who can’t shoot. Caitlin and Ronnie are the super villains, Killer Frost and Deathstorm. Iris is lead detective, and Joe West is a lounge singer. Barry is a bowtie-wearing nerd, with no speed powers. And oh yeah, Iris and Barry are married.


Back at home, the speed canon implodes, right after our guys go through to Earth 2. And Jay and Caitlin have to repair it; otherwise Barry and Cisco won’t be able to return. And things go from bad to worse when a new Meta-Villain named Geomancer arrives to shake things up. He can induce earthquakes, and he’s gunning for the Flash. Joe asks Jay to step up and be the Flash while Barry’s gone. If you remember, there’s a Drug called Velocity Six that Jay took in the past to temporarily restore his speed. But he doesn’t want to, because abusing that drug is what caused him a lot of problems in the past. But with Catlin’s help, they develop Velocity Seven. And that works, giving Jay back his speed, but again, the results aren’t permanent. In the comics, Velocity Nine is the drug that actually works. So if the show sticks to that, Caitlin and Jay are getting close to finding a lasting solution to his problem.


On Earth 2, the plan is a bust. They were depending on Cisco’s vibe-ability to find zoom. But the goggles Wells developed to help trigger Cisco’s visions, isn’t working. So Barry kidnaps his other self so he can take his place at the precinct and find out what the police know about Zoom. That’s where Barry discovers that Iris is a detective, and his wife. He’s caught off guard and doesn’t do any sleuthing at all. Instead, he goes home with Iris, talks to his Mom, who isn’t dead. And Barry and Iris go see Joe perform at Jitters. Excuse me, on this earth it’s a club called Jitterbug. And on this Earth, Barry and Joe don’t get along at all. Which bothers our Barry, who thinks of Joe as a second Father. But Barry doesn’t have time to work out Earth-2 Barry’s Daddy issues. Because Killer Frost and Deathstorm arrive, wrecking havoc. And Joe is killed in the melee.


Iris, Deadshot and Cisco, go after Frost and Deathstorm, without back up. Which turns out to be a bad idea. Because Killer Frost and Deathstorm are not the only super villains they run into. Cisco has an evil twin too. His name is Reverb. And he can do a lot more damage with his vibration ability than Cisco can. And though Barry shows up as the Flash, Reverb easily defeats him, and he and Deathstorm almost kills him. But hurting Barry is not what Zoom wanted. So Zoom shows up and kills Deathstorm, and then uses his vibrating hand to crush Reverb’s heart. Which freaks Cisco out, since that happened to him in another reality. But The Reverse Flash killed him, using what we thought was his signature move.   So who ripped off who?


Zoom runs off with the unconscious Barry, and he wakes up in a cage, near Jesse. Barry tells Jesse that he’s there to rescue her. Though Zoom is quick to point out that Barry can’t even save himself. And that’s the cliffhanger this episode ends on. Next week the story continues, stay tuned!!


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