Now where did we leave off last week? I remember! Barry, Cisco and Wells went to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse, but Barry got captured instead. Earth-2 versions of Ronnie, Cisco, and Joe died. And now Zoom is hunting for Wells, because he needs his help to siphon off Barry’s speed force energy. And back home, on Earth-1, Caitlin and Jay are trying to stabilize the breech so that Barry, Cisco, and Wells can get back again. And there’s a new meta-villain in town named Geomancer, and he’s gunning for The Flash. But Barry’s off-planet and unavailable. Maybe next time he’ll call ahead.

Zoom is literally zooming all over town posting ‘have-you-seen-this-man’ flyers everywhere. So he’s searching for Wells the same way most people look for a lost puppy. And surprise-surprise, that plan’s not working. Meanwhile, Cisco and Wells make it back to Star Labs, and they free Earth-2’s wimpy version of Barry Allan. And in an attempt to make himself useful, he helps them locate Killer Frost. They need her to lead them to Zoom’s lair. Their big plan is to recue Barry and Jesse. And trust me, their plan is pretty much as simplistic as it sounds.

Back at the evil lair, Barry and Jesse talk about the man in the iron mask. They try to figure out who he is.  But just as they begin to make some headway, Zoom shows up and beats the tar out of Barry, just because he can. Now my theory is that the man in the iron mask is the real Jay Garrick. I think the guy Catlin is falling for on Earth-1 is a clone. That’s why his cells keep breaking down. But that’s just my prediction.

Back on Earth-1, Jay Garrick is able to stabilize the breech, giving our guys a clear path between worlds. But that darned Geomancer is determined to confront the Flash, any Flash. So he creates an earthquake, on camera, that can bring down a building. Of course, being a hero, Jay has to save everyone in that collapsing building, but he needs super speed to do it. Luckily, Caitlin has just finished a new speed formula: Velocity 9.   And as you know from the comics, the 9th time is the charm.   Jay gets his super speed back and clears the building before it comes down.

Killer Frost, still upset over Ronnie’s death, helps Earth-2 Barry and the guys find Zoom’s lair. They free Jesse, but the Flash is trapped in a cage he can’t escape. Or can he? After a heart-to-heart between Barry and Earth-2 Barry, The Flash is inspired to try again. And this time he does vibrate at the right speed to pass through the glass-like wall. But alas, it’s too late. Zoom shows up and he’s ready to do some killing!

Luckily for everyone, hell has no fury like a woman scorned! Killer Frost turns her cold power on Zoom. He killed Ronnie, and she’s not going to let him get away with that. She doesn’t have the power to kill Zoom, but she hurts him, allowing the Flash and friends the time they need to get away. And thanks to Killer Frost’s doppelganger on Earth-1, Catlin Snow. Geomancer is caught, and the breech is stable and ready for the return trip.

With Barry’s help, Cisco and Jesse make it through the Breech to Earth-1. And Barry and Wells make it through, with Zoom hot on their heels. But when Barry and Wells pass through, Jay uses a breech bomb, closing off the rift. But they all celebrate too soon. Because before the rift is completely closed, Zoom’s arm reaches out and impales Jay, snatching him back through the void as it closes. So he’s gone, and most likely dead. And Catlin is devastated.   But don’t be sad.  Remember what I said about the man in the iron mask. If I’m right, we just may see Jay again some day.

Is Zoom really gone for good? That’s a good question!  They shut done all the breeches that lead to Earth-2, so he should be trapped there. We’ll just have to wait and see. But if I were you, I wouldn’t count Zoom out just yet either. STAY TUNED!!!

NOTE: In the comic book world, Jesse becomes a speedster named Jesse Quick, using Velocity 9. So we may see this Jessie as a speedster too. And what about Wally West, also known as Kid Flash? Will Velocity 9 play into his new origin story as well? Or will they stay true to the comics, where he was hit by lightening, same as Barry?

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