Spoiler Alert for RWBY is finally here.

We open up with Ruby on the airship the Roman ended up breaking out of thanks to some help from Neo. After killing a Grimm that tried to attack her, We see Neo take a picture and send it to Roman. He walks out to see what he can do about the problem.


While that is going on, Blake is now forced to confront someone from her past that I don’t think she is ready to face. Adam is running a muck in the cafeteria, he confronts her saying that they were supposed to spark a revolution within the world. Adam is about to kill an innocent person, but Blake steps in to stop him finally standing up to Adam. Will it be enough though?


With all the students deciding to stay and fight for their school, we see them all holding back the Grimm and the robots that have now been corrupted by Roman. It is amazing to see them fighting for their school, while some don’t even go to school there but also decided to stay and fight. At one point, Nora pushes Ren out of harms way and gets hit. Ren only gets distracted by the fact Nora was hurt, and ends up getting hurt the same way. Coco says that now is the time for Velvet to do her thing and we finally get to see what Velvets weapon is.


Well, it turns out that Velvets weapon has to do with all the pictures that she has been taking. She holds out her hand and Ruby’s scythe forms in her hand and she starts to use it. My jaw hit the ground when she forms Weiss’s weapon. Then Yangs. then Blakes. It keeps going and going from Coco’s to Sun’s to even Penny’s. It was amazing, but she is caught off guard and gets smacked by one of the robots. Everyone provides covering fire for her, but Weiss decides to actually protect her. She runs up in front of velvet and holds her rapier out to try and protect her but what happens? Weiss was finally able to summon, just like she was practicing earlier in the season with her sister. It may only be an arm of, what i suspect is the knight she fought in her trailer, but it is a start, and it was at the perfect time.


We cut back to Ruby on the airship. The fight with Roman and Neo commences and it looks like Ruby doesn’t stand a chance. Neo and Roman are just an amazing team giving Ruby no breathing room. At one point, Ruby is hanging on the side of the ship. She gets the chance to open up Neo’s umbrella and she gets marry poppins’ed and floats away on the wind. Ruby uses this chance to gain some ground on Roman, but it doesn’t really work. Ruby is beaten back and things are starting to look Grimm for her. See what I did there….ok. While Roman is in the middle of his speech about how he will always thrive in the world, he is eaten by a giant Grimm. And just like that, Ruby won the fight. She ends up taking the Grimm down into the airship and destroys it. As it falls out of the sky, all the controlled robots end up dying and making things a lot easier.


While Qrow and Glenda are protecting the city and killing the extra Grimm and robots that are still around, Ironwood shows up. He basically wipes the floor with everything in the area. After a small misunderstanding between him and Qrow, we learn what happened. Roman had token over all of ironwood’s machines with that black queen virus (what I am calling it). Ironwood says that he needs to get back to his ship for something and we then see his ship start falling out of the air.


While all this is happening, we see Juane and Pyrrha underground with Ozpin running to the fall maiden. With Juane asking all these questions about why this place is under the school, they finally make it to the chamber. Pyrrha jumps into the chamber while Juane stands watch. Ozpin starts the process and you see what we assume is Amber’s aura being taken out of her and put into Pyrrha. Once she starts yelling, Juane comes to check up on her. As soon as Juane moves, that is when Cinder comes and shoots Amber right in the chest. that is when everything goes to heck in a hand basket. Cinder absorbs Amber’s powers. Juane, probably knowing there isn’t anything he can do, attacks Cinder and is pushed back. Pyrrha forces the door off its hinges and tries to attack as well, but Ozpin stops her and tell her to bring Ironwood, Glenda and Qrow and that she would only get in the way. With that, Pyrrha and Juane leave to go get help.


With the robots defeated, Yang finds Weiss and asks if she has seen Ruby or Blake. She says she hasn’t seen Ruby but Blake went off in a different direction. Yang takes off to find Blake. Meanwhile, Adam is telling Blake that he is making it his life’s mission to kill everything Blake cares about. that is when Yang walks up outside the cafeteria yelling for Blake. Adam says he is going to start with her, and stabs Blake in the stomach. Yang hears he screams and goes super sayin. She jumps towards Adam without giving it a second thought. That is when Adam pulls out his sword and slices Yangs right arm off. A moment of silence for good ol’ righty. Blake jumps in from of her before Adam can do anymore damage and manages to escape with Yang…so yeah. that is episode 11. I know I am totally late on this, but thank you for being patient. These episodes have just been super crazy and I can not wait to finish up the series. Be ready because it is coming soon.





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