Ruve` Adams is Damien Darhk’s wife, and now she’s running for Mayor, against Oliver. Team Arrow knows it’s part of a bigger plan, and so do we, but we still don’t know what that plan is. But the one thing we do know is that Malcolm Merlin and Damien Darhk are in bed together. Well not literally, but Merlin is a part of Darhk’s operation now. And he’s a total snitch! Last week he told Darhk about Oliver’s son William. And this week he ratted out Captain Lance.   I know Oliver lopped off Merlin’s hand, taking away his status as Ra’s al Ghul. But is that any reason to hold a grudge? I guess it is. And don’t try following Miss Adams to find Damien Darhk. Team Arrow put an elaborate tail on her, and they almost get stung by HIVE.

This episode is pretty standard, which isn’t bad. But it seems to be setting up bigger issues.  Thea puts a few facts together and finds out that Oliver has a secret son. But instead of urging honesty, she tells Oliver to keep his secret. And Oliver agrees, even though he’s moving forward with plans to marry Felicity, the hacker goddess. How long does Oliver think he can keep a secret that big from her? And once she finds out, Overwatch will not be overjoyed.   (And if you watch next week’s preview you’ll see that the truth does come out sooner than later. So expect fireworks.)

As I said, Malcolm Merlin rats out Captain Lance, and now he’s on Darhk’s hit list. So, while responding to a routine police call, without any police backup, Darhk attempts to collapse a building on top of him. Good thing Laurel’s there to help him escape, but just barely. Spooked by the incident, Captain Lance tries to cool down the relationship he’s having with Felicity’s mom. He tells her he’s got gambling debts with bad people, and they should keep their relationship on the down-low for a while. But she sees through that masterful lie (Sarcasm), and dumps him.

Collapsing perfectly good buildings, turns out to be the new HIVE thing.   And Team Arrow is down to stop them. If they can find out where HIVE is going to strike next. But they only lead they have is a broken laptop. They’re pretty sure the blueprints for the next target are on the computer, but even Felicity can’t retrieve it. Good thing Palmer Tech has a resident genius working in their research department. Curtis Holt is known as Mister Terrific in the comics. And he’s able to find the info that the team needs.

Damien Darhk is planning on destroying the theater Oliver and Miss Adams are about to have their first debate in. I guess the plan is to kill Oliver and a lot of people, while Miss Adams, as the lone survivor, wins the Mayoral race unopposed. But leave it to Team Arrow to stop that from happening. They pull the fire alarm to clear the building, then go in and do their thing. After a few fights and defeating a few booby-traps, they defuse the bombs, and the debate goes on as planned.

Everything is coming up Oliver! He wins the debate, which thankfully we don’t have to sit through, and goes off to the lavish engagement party that Mama Smoak has been planning. Captain Lance arrives at the party, awkward, but he was probably invited by Felicity. He comes clean to his lady, about his initial dalliance with Darhk and their split, and how that could make Mama Smoak a target as well. She realizes that her valiant Captain was trying to protect her, and she forgives the lies,  and they reunite. They are a sweet couple. I just hope they survive the season. But the biggest surprise of the night comes when Curtis and his husband arrive with a special engagement gift. Curtis has been working day and night on a bio-stimulant, that can possibly enable Felicity to walk again, when implanted in her spine. Oliver and Felicity are overjoyed! And Oliver even tells Curtis he’s terrific, a nod to the comics, and a possible link to a new code name. If Mister Terrific is indeed destined to join Team Arrow.

And now for the bad news: We see Damien Darhk’s daughter at home playing. And then Damien shows up with William, Oliver’s son, and announces that he’ll be staying a while. So what happened to William’s Mom? And what’s about to happen to William? STAY TUNED!!!

NOTE: And if you’re at all curious about what happened in the flashback, here it is in a nutshell. Oliver was forced into a fight to the death. And big surprise, Oliver wasn’t the one killed. YAWN!  It’s a flashback, so you already knew the outcome before it happened.  – AND NEXT TUESDAY ON THE FLASH:  Diggle and Lyla stop by for a visit.

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