Supergirl Recap: “Truth, Justice, and The American Way.”

What does the title mean? Well, there’s a bit of a parallel drawn between the mission of the villain-of-the-week and what the D.E.O. is doing with Maxwell Lord. The villain’s name is ‘The Master Jailer’. And his self-imposed mission is to round up the alien prison escapees from Fort Rozz and execute them. While Supergirl and the D.E.O. are holding Maxwell Lord ‘Guantanamo-style,’ without due process of law, or regard for his personal rights. So in essence both camps are making up their own rules, with no regard for ‘truth, justice, or the American way.   Until Supergirl realizes that there’s a fine line between super hero and super villain. And Despite what Maxwell Lord is capable of, she has to obey the rules of law.

But first-things-first, Non shows up at the apartment looking for Supergirl. But he’s not there to fight. He invites her to Astra’s funeral, because she’s family. Supergirl attends the mid-air ceremony and says the traditional Kryptonian prayer, before the coffin sails off into space. And it is clear that she’s moved by Astra’s death. Non calls a truce during the mourning process. For two weeks he won’t be a threat. But after that, he assures Kara that she’ll be the next one in a coffin. Uncle Non is dark, and obviously unforgiving.   And it’s pretty apparent that whatever project Myriad is, it won’t be good for Supergirl, or the earth.

Alex and Hank are at D.E.O. headquarters. There is an alien on the run who eats decaying flesh, like a vulture. But when Alex and her team go in for the capture, the Master Jailer arrives and spirits the man away, after he pretty much drops the hammer on Alex and the team. Back at the D.E. O., Supergirl confronts them about why she wasn’t called. And it’s pretty apparent that she hasn’t forgiven Hank for killing Astra. Thou what she doesn’t know is that Alex is really the person who killed Astra. Hank took the blame, so there wouldn’t be any bad blood between the two sisters.

The Master Jailer is judge, jury, and executioner. He has an energy-based guillotine and has no qualm about cutting off heads. He’s done it about five other times. He’s ruthless, kind of like Cat Grant.   She’s still pissed at Kara and has hired a new assistant to give her grief. Cat calls the new girl Assistant number one, and Kara is Assistant number two. So I guess she’s been demoted. And Assistant number one is an overachieving backstabber that quickly becomes Kara’s new office nemesis. It’s a good thing Kara’s still got Winn and Jimmy. Or does she? The new girl is flirting with Winn, and remember Kara rejected him. And Jimmy is questioning Supergirl’s treatment of Maxwell Lord. He feels that she’s crossed a line.

Alex and Hank figure out who The Master Jailer is going after next, and Supergirl goes to save him. But as it turns out, she can’t save herself. After a battle with the chain wielding bad guy doesn’t go her way. She’s taken prisoner along with the next target, an alien masquerading as an astronomy professor. He’s really no threat to anyone. Supergirl is put in a cage bathed in the light of a red sun, which nullifies her powers. Can Supergirl save the mild-mannered professor before he gets his head chopped off? It doesn’t look like it. She’s stuck tight with no way out. Though luckily Alex tracked her down and shows up just as the dude is about to get decapitated. She fights the Jailer, and manages to blast a hole in the ceiling, allowing sunlight into the room. This gives Supergirl back her powers and she saves the day.

Supergirl lets the alien prisoner-turned-professor go back to his life, realizing that he’s served his time and deserves this second chance.   She also lets Maxwell Lord go free, realizing that Jimmy was right. If she doesn’t play by the rules, she’s no different than the Jailer. And as for Kara’s office nemesis, keep an eye on her. She becomes the super-powered badass ‘Banshee’ in a future episode. SO STAY TUNED!!!

NOTE: James asks Kara if he can tell Lucy that she’s Supergirl. He doesn’t want to keep lying to Lucy if their relationship is going to continue. But James is  being stupid. Lucy doesn’t care who Supergirl is. Lucy Lane is worried that James might be falling for Supergirl, and he is. So if James really wants to save his relationship with Lucy he’s got to figure out who he’s actually in love with.

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