Supergirl Recap: “Manhunter”

Lucy Lane is back! And she’s back in the military. I guess that branch has a revolving door policy. Because, if you remember, she initially left the Military to work for Cat Grant, so she could be near James Olsen. Then, when she discovered that James has feelings for Kara, she broke up with him and left Catco and went back to the military. Lucy was supposed to be a strong female character, but she ended up planning her whole life around a dude. How Lame. And now she’s back. And if that’s not bad enough, she’s the new head of the D.E.O. now that Hank and Alex are gone. I may shoot myself, or at least taze myself a little. We lose The Martian Manhunter, AND Alex, in exchange for Lucy Lane. YIKES!

As you know, Supergirl went all Red-Kryptonite–crazy last week and threatened National City. So Hank had to forgo his secret identity to stop her. Transforming into The Martian Manhunter in front of everyone. So now he’s incarcerated and Supergirl is the local pariah. Everyone is still afraid of her and she doesn’t know what to do about it. And back at the D.E.O., Col. James Harper and Lucy Lane arrive to question everyone. The government wants to know how J’onn J’onzz, an alien, became the head of The Department of Extra-Normal Operations, and who knew about it. They go to question Hank. And somehow, they’ve developed a device that looks like an illuminated cell phone that prevents him from using his powers. That’s convenient.

In a Flashback, we see how J’onn met Alex’s father, Jeremiah Danvers. Quite a few episodes ago, we learned that the real Hank Henshaw pretty much blackmailed Mr. Danvers into working for the D.E.O.. He knew about Kara, and in exchange for letting her stay with the Danvers, Jeremiah had to agree to work for the D.E.O.. It was a jerk move, and pretty much proved that the real Hank Henshaw was a jerk. Well in the flashback he’s still a jerk. Danvers is part of his D.E.O. operation to find J’onn and kill him. But Danvers gets separated from the group and J’onn saves him from a pretty docile looking snake. He pretty much just picks it up. Danvers was being kind of a baby. But Danvers and J’onn bond, and Danvers learns that he isn’t a threat, he’s a refugee. Then angry Hank arrives, gun blazing and tries to kill J’onn. Danvers stops Hank, but gets stabbed in the process, and ends up flipping Hank over the edge of a cliff. I guess bad Karma can kill.

Col. Harper isn’t buying our Hank’s story, so the plan is to take him to a place called Project Cadmus and dissect him. That’s harsh. Of course Alex gets defensive and so she becomes a suspect. They interrogate her. And in a flashback we see how the new Hank saved her from wasting her life as a party girl. He bails her out of jail and recruits her, though she is obviously unqualified. But J’onn promised the dying Danvers that he’d look after his girls. But Lucy doesn’t buy that she had no idea Hank was an alien, even though Alex passes her polygraph test. So they decide to cart her off to Cadmus too,  though she’s not an alien. I guess there’s no such thing as due process anymore.

Kara and James go to Lucy to get her to help them help Alex and Hank. Of course Lucy is all like; “No Way”. Then Kara reveals that she’s Supergirl and gives her a speech about fitting in. Then there’s a flashback with young Kara illustrating the point. And Lucy changes her mind and is all; “Okay, I’ll do it.” So Lucy helps Kara free Hank and Alex, which is probably treason. But wait, Alex breaks the inhibiter devise, allowing Hank to mind-meld with Col. Harper.  And in his mind he sees that Jeremiah Danvers isn’t dead, he’s at Cadmus. So Alex and Hank take off to try and free him. Leaving Lucy and Kara at the D.E.O.. And as a parting gift, Hank used his mental prowess to get Harper to retire and name Lucy as the new head of the D.E.O., a job she is totally not qualified to do. Even she knows that. But I guess it is what it is.

Oh yeah, back at Catco, Siobhan walks into the office and uses Kara’s computer to send Cat a nasty email, supposedly from Kara. I guess the building has no security, and the computers don’t use passwords. But she’s busted by Winn, and gets humiliated by Cat yet again. So now she hates everyone, including Winn. And when she accidentally falls off a roof, she saves herself using a sonic scream. But where did she get this power? And will she become the villainous Silver Banshee? I guess we’ll find out. STAY TUNED…  (But my guess is ‘yes’ she will become Silver Banshee)

SIDE NOTE: Jeremiah Danvers is Dean Cain. He was Clark/Superman in the 90’s series ‘Lois and Clark’. It was good to see him again. And now that his character might not be dead, maybe we’ll see more of him in the future.

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