Captain Lance is devastated by the death of Black Canary, and so am I. Laurel Lance wasn’t the perfect embodiment of the iconic character, but she was all we had. And now they have stripped that away from us. In this episode, they deal with her funeral by showing us flashbacks of another funeral. It’s the Funeral of Tommy Merlin, from season one. Tommy, Laurel and Oliver were childhood friends. Tommy and Oliver were best friends. And in season one, Laurel and Tommy were a couple. But that was three years ago, and unfortunately, seeing his funeral again didn’t evoke the emotion they hoped it would. I wish they had spent more time on the here and now. Both Roy and Sara were sorely missed in this episode, and Barry Allen showed up at the end, only to be sent away. Even Laurel’s mother was relegated to only one scene. Instead they concentrate on the death of Tommy. You blew it CW!

Captain Lance is crazed by grief and wants to take Laurel to the Lazarus Pit. That’s the magical hot tub that kept Ra’s al Ghul alive for centuries, and brought Sara back to life. But Nyssa destroyed the pit to thwart Malcolm Merlin, so there are no more convenient resurrections. But there is an Earth-2. And we know for a fact that the Laurel Lance of Earth-2, known as the Black Siren, will be making an appearance on the Flash. So, will she ever make it to Arrow? Only time will tell. But the Laurel Lance we know is dead and gone. Or is she? The Black Canary has been seen around town AFTER Laurel’s death. But it’s only a red herring. A vengeful teen stole Laurel’s costume and sonic device and has been masquerading as the Black Canary to avenge her parents. Damien Darhk killed them. So she goes after Darhk’s wife, and team Arrow stops her. And to clear Black Canary’s name, Oliver reveals at the funeral that Laurel was the one-and-only Black Canary, a true sonic superhero.

So there you have it, the episode in a nutshell. There were tears and gnashing of teeth as everyone on team Arrow took a turn blaming themselves for Laurel’s death. Oliver always blames himself, so his guilt-ridden grief was expected. Then Diggle took a self-loathing turn, because he trusted his sinister brother Andy, instead of Oliver. And Felicity gets in on the blame-game, because she bailed on the team completely after her breakup with Oliver, and she might have made a difference had Overwatch been at her post. So now Oliver is determined to kill Darhk, and everyone seems to be on board with it. But the big question is how. Darhk’s got his magic back so he’s untouchable, or is he? STAY TUNED!!!!

SIDE NOTE: If Alex, the teen terrorist they introduced, becomes the new Black Canary, this show is off my watch list. To the Producers of Arrow: You have failed this series!

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