Franchise Fred Blu-Ray Review: Deadpool

The record breaking biggest R-rated superhero movie of all time is now available to own on Blu-ray, and it is worth it. First of all, the movie looks great in HD. You can see all he detail in the Deadpool face makeup, the scuffs on Colossus, and all the debris on the freeway and shipyard. From the cool blue freeway to the burning flames of Ajax’s lab, color bursts from the screen. Deadpool features

Deleted and extended scenes include a cool subplot about Wade (Ryan Reynolds) traveling the world for sketchy cancer treatments. Extended banter with Colossus gives us a chance to see Colossus in all the stages of VFX, and lots and lots more Deadpool jokes. There’s a slightly different version of the Ferris Bueller scene too.

The gag reel includes a lot of alternate lines Reynolds and TJ Miller riffed, including an Alanis Morissette joke from Reynolds. The Blu-ray collects all the funny original promos for the film in one place. 80 minutes of behind the scenes features are fairly straightforward, but go in depth with the different techniques used to create the film. I took it for granted that I was always looking at Reynolds in the mask, but of course a mask can’t blink. Deadpool Bluray

Two different commentary tracks give you different insights to the film, but both take the commentary seriously. Both Reynolds and the screenwriters, and director Tim Miller and creator Rob Liefeld discuss subtle decisions they made that contributed to the film’s perfect tone. It’s funny that Reynolds and the writers debate where the Notting Hill line is from, and they reveal a funny coda with Beast that was never shot. Nicholas Hoult was going to do it, not Kelsey Grammer. Both commentaries explore the heart subtly layered into the raunch of the film.

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